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Nitai Vayulekhan with Harinam is very easy to do

(Nitai Bhikshu das) #1

Realizations of a Nitai Bhikshu:
I was thinking about how easy it is to do Nitai Vayulekhan and chant Harinam.

In Satya Yuga, people had to perform very strict meditation for a long time in order to make the Lord pleased.

In Treta Yuga, fire sacrifice was the way to attract the Lord’s mercy.

In Dwarpa Yuga, deity worship was the way.

In this most degraded, yet most merciful age, Chanting the Holy Names is the way to please the Lord!

All other ages required more concentration, fire, perfect pronunciation of mantras, complete cleanliness and strict avoidance of the 64 Seva Aparadhas.

Now in this age we have to only worship Sri Nam Prabhu. Gurudeva Nitaipreshthji has advised us to perform Nitai Vayulekhan along with Harinam so that Lord Nityananda Prabhu Himself is compelled to help us in our endeavor to please GaurKrishna. All that is required is the movement of our fingers and tongue, as well as the listening of our ears, and remembrance with our minds.

We are doing what was done in past Yugas plus more, with less effort! Why not take advantage of this loophole?