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Nitai Vayulekhan Quotes

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

The marketplace of the holyname contains all the priceless gems & jewels. Goloker prema dhan Harinam Sankirtan. Nitai is the owner and treasurer of those goods! He liberally grants these treats to whoever does vayulekhan of His holy name (निताइ).

I am the most wretched of the wretched for not abiding to my Guru Maharaj’s order to share these glories of Nitai Vayulekhan with other souls! Ha Nitai, I am so ungrateful! I do not have the minimum courage to do anything for You!

Begging at the lotus feet of Nitai’s merciful devotees, who are His bold soldiers, to bestow a drop of their mercy and enthusiasm to spread Nitai mahima on me. Of what use is this life if one cannot preach for the Lord who has given us everything.

To enter into the realm of discussing the esoteric topics of Sri Radha Krsna’s intimate pastimes, or siddhadeha-one needs the shelter of Nitaichandra!

Nitai’s mercy is the utmost essential ‘prerequisite’ for recieving Radharani’s kripa kataksh.

Some very original and interesting comparisons to vayulekhan were shared as well:

Nitai Vayulekhan is like a genie’s magic lamp which opens up the secret lilas of Goloka upon touching it. What an analogy! :smiley: Waah waah!

Nitai Vayulekhan is like a multi combination lock, each syllable being one code…and then in ‘ee’, door to nitya lila opens!

And one part which was really really sweet was Nitaipreshthji’s direct interaction with Nitai in Ekachakra where Ekachakranath ordered Him to now reveal this supreme process of vayulekhan to the whole world! So as per Nitaipreshthji, time for everyone in this world to go mad for the ultimate mad one- Sri Nityananda Avadhuta :smiley:

The whole material & spiritual creation is included within the name of Nitai! After all Nitai is the cause of this entire cosmic manifestation.
Thus all which is to be attained is granted by Nitai Nam. By writing Nitai’s name in vayulekhan, all which is to be attained in this world and beyond this world (spiritual world) are achieved without any other endeavors.

Prachanda shaktidhari Nitai Vayulekhan

Anayase prodaan kore tribhuvaner samastha gupta dhan!

Nitai Vayulekhan produces quality rounds of the Mahamantra. Good japa produces inspiration in bhakti, realization, detachment, increased desire to serve, attraction to study scripture, and an ability to see maya’s workings more clearly- the list is endless.

He natha, ache joto mor maan abhimaan
ashru dhaare boye jak kori jokhon vayulekhan
aar tava naam guna gaan

Oh Nitai, all the pride and false ego which is within me, let it all flow out in the forms of tears while airwriting and singing Your holy

He Gaurhari amar kabe habe sumati
puja labh pratishtha ashay na thakbe rati
nishkapat hoiya bhajibo nitaisevak charan
tabe tomar Nitai debe amay sharan

Oh Gaurhari, when will I get some good intelligence? When will I no longer be attached to the desire of my own name and fame? Leaving all duplicity, I will worship the lotus feet of all Nitaisevaks, Only then will Your dear Nitai give me His shelter.

Every stroke, while visualizing the syllables, during Nitai Vayulekhan feels like the heart is taking a leap.

One doesn’t feel like doing anything else once they start doing Nitai Vayulekhan. Everything else simply seems to be burdensome.

Nitai Vayulekhan is the best cure to overcome lethargy and apathy in executing devotional service. Maya will try to deter us from doing it because she knows we will come out of her trap, but please just make a very firm resolve (sudridha nishchay) and go ahead with it without delay. This will help more than anything else. This is the only tiny and simple effort we have to make.

One thing I have observed is that whenever one does Nitai Vayulekhan with even minimum sincerity, Nitai immediately inspires one with wonderful preaching opportunities. The preaching opportunities just pop out from nowhere, like Nitai arranges everything and utilizes us as His puppet. Novel realizations continuously arise. Even a dumb person becomes eligible to speak for Nitai. Nitai’s mercy is so evident while doing Vayulekhan.

By Nitaisevika dasi.

:hibiscus:Nitainam Lekhan increases the waves of separation from Sri Guru, Nitaibhakts and Nitai Himself. With each stroke a new anguish to reunite with Them seems to be born. This fire is then what fuels the rest of our endeavours for Nitai, like preaching and service.

:hibiscus: The internal pain of separation from Nitai translates into service on the external platform.

:hibiscus:Nitainam Lekhan also acts like a catalyst to fasten the process of our uniting with Nitai and His devotees, even though Nitai Nam is Nitai Himself. One can say that Nitai is assisting us to come to Him by holding onto our finger.

:hibiscus: Nitainam is the reservoir of all pleasure. Nityananda Rama. Rama means the one who gives insurmountable pleasure. The one who is always frolicking in His own pleasure, and the one who distributes the waves of that blissful merriment with others. Ramante iti Rama. Rama means enjoyer and also who gives enjoyment to others who come in contact with Him. During the Namkaran (name giving ceremony) of both Balaram and Nitai, when His name was spoken aloud, it was prophesized that this boy would drown everyone in happiness. He will always keep anyone who comes before Him very very happy. People will experience the overwhelming surges of bliss just by seeing Him before them. This same Nityananda Rama is coming before us in the form of Nitainam, and we are in intimate contact with Him via Nitainam Lekhan. This is the beginning of the end of our longterm misery! Nitai will make everyone paramananda sukhi!

:hibiscus:Nitainam Lekhan means Nitai empowerment. The more we will deeply absorb ourselves on meditating upon each stroke of Nitainam, the more the imprints of Nitai’s lotus feet will become deeply etched in the innermost core of our hearts. When we begin to visualize each syllable with great care, the form of His divine syllables becomes impressed within our mind. Since Nitainam is Nitai Himself, very soon His lotus feet appear in our heart. Whatever we will speak will become anointed with the dust of Nitai’s lotus feet. Such words, when they will enter into the ears of the listeners will move their hearts with Nitai bhava.

(Vasudha Nitai dasi) #2

Nitaaaai !!! You are treasure house of these secrets !!

(Jahnavi dasi) #3

“Jaya Jaya Nitai Nama Premanandamrita Dhama
Maha audarya Tattva swarup
Je ei Nam vakshe na dhare
Sei kandibe ucchaih sware
Chahudike heribe bhava kup”