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Nitai Vayulekhan Miracle

(Madan Mohan Das ) #1

Joy Nitai, Joy Guru Parampara, Joy Srila Prabhupada, Joy Nitaipreshthji ,

I am forced here to write the miraculous event I experienced last week. @Nitaipreshthji as you know last year I bought a 21.5" DELL 10 point multi-touched HDMI full HD 1920x1080 monitor got failed two weeks before. When I saw my purchase bill it was 3rd July 2015 and my monitor failed on 25th July 2016 , the warranty got expired by two weeks. But still I contacted my vendor and in reply I got the negative answer that your warranty got expired. I became so sad and in such a hard time to get again repaired it with huge costing was little bit problematic to me and i gave up saying to myself that whenever I will comfortable I will get it repaired. But next day I don’t know what happened to me and I directly went to DELL service center with some hopes. They give me the toll free nos and I contacted them. The answer to my surprise was ‘we are sending an engineer to your site within next 24-48 hrs’. Listening to this some rays of hopes I could see to get it repaired free cost.
As promised an Engineer came to my house and he inspected my purchase bill and monitor and started sticking some labels on 4 sides on monitor. Therefore I asked him what you are doing ? You are not repairing the monitor ? The answer what I received from him was unbelievable to me. He just said ‘DELL is sending a brand new same monitor as a free replacement.’ . Hey NITAI , I just could not believe to what I am listening from him. Then finally last Thursday I got a brand new replacement with all the attachement cables which they initially didn’t promised as cables and power adapter are not part of the warranty ( Sone pe suhaga) .
So NITAI solve my major problem by giving me a great surprise. Joyyyyyyy Nitaaaaaaaai.