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Nitai Vayulekhan Hatta

(Vasudha Nitai dasi) #1

Jay Nitai! Today by mercy of Shrila Nitaipreshthji, HG Nitaimani das prabhuji and Nityanand Prabhu , I could attend the katha by prabhuji after many months.

I could feel a sudden change of consciousness just by being in presence of prabhuji.:raised_hands::raised_hands: To start with Nitai Vayulekhan with all devotees was a good start which takes katha go straight to heart. After that the most purifying kirtan with mridnga :musical_score: and later a blissful one with harmonium.:microphone:
It was an electrifying Jahnava Nitai kirtan! :zap:️:zap:️@shiwali mataji was sitting in front of prabhuji and she got lot of shivering, a very different state which she said she also didn’t know what happened…as kirtan ended only then that state got normal ! prabhuji did Nitai Nam, Ekachakra kirtan with Gaur and Harinam. So much humility, pure sound…I was just wishing please keep me here in their association only :cry:. Then success writing’s well planned preaching ways was discussed. prabhuji’s plans reach such heights where I can never think of :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. If he is there then most dull of my mind will also go in direction of Nitai prachar …so many times this has happened :clap::clap:. The katha finally was on Vaishnava Aparadh. Very beautiful realization on atonement on Vaishnava Aparadh with example of Madhai was told. And this was all on he being on Nirjala for that time​:neutral_face:…and for whole night Nitai sena is going for Nitai Sticker pasting :ok_hand:. Really missing association and want to go back to Nitai Hatta :running_man::running_man:.

(Jahnavi dasi) #2

Joy Joy. One can feel your ecstasy also after reading the description… Wish I would have also got this chance to attend Nitaimani Das prabhuji’s prgrm… Nitai…

(Manjari dasi) #3

Thank you for sharing the wonderful experience @Vasudhanitaidasi mataji…:pray:


Sucha wonderful katha amd so many beautiful points were discussed today. Prabhujis and all devotees association can uplift your mood irrespective of how much you have fallen down. Nitaivayulekhan mission discussed in detail… So many things to come… So many goals to be achieved in next one to two years.

(Shilpa) #5

Wow…great🙏I too want this association😔

(Viswambhar das) #6

Joi Nitai. Kindly record and send such kathas :clap::clap:

(Nitai das) #7

Joy Nitai Pranams to dear prabhuji and all devotees. Thank you very much mataji for such a motivating summary. Jahnava Jahanva Jahnava is my favorite…