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Nitai vayulekham with the left hand

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

Q by Radha Madhava dasi: Hare Krishna, dandavata pranama. Can I also do Nitai vayulekham with the left hand, while I chant harinam japa with the right hand?

Yes absolutely, I do that myself. But do it very slow making the shape of each stroke of Nitainam one with Harinam. It drowns me personally in the spontaneous revelations of the infinite ocean of the meanings of the each holy name of the Hare Krishna mahamantra. Hari Nam Chintamani recommends to visualize the form of the name while chanting Harinam and Nitai Vayulekhan is precisely that. The form of the Lord manifests from His syllables through Vayulekhan and merges with the sound form of His name emanating through Harinam and is thus the ultimate blissful experience, not available in the entire existence. And when They both become one, then the qualities and pastimes arise inundating the soil in incessant bliss. Joy Nitai Vayulekhan! Joy Harinam!