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Nitai Prachar and Nitai Gunjan keeps Maya away

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

:hibiscus: Why is Nitai Prachar needed?

Everyone of us have passion in our hearts till we are completely purified by Nitaigunjan, Harinam, and Nitailila. Channeling that passion to talk to and make people hum Nitainam on the spot every day, sublimates it into a pleasing offering to Nitai. And that saves us from indulging in sinful activities which we would have otherwise done to vent that passion. Keep yourself busy in giving Nitainam to keep maya at bay!

:hibiscus: Instantly Nitai feel attracted to us dear daughter when we share His name to a soul. That is His speciality. He is attracted to the most fallen for no reason so how much He will be attracted to those who share His name.

:hibiscus: Of course if they take or hear Nitainam they become offenseless from their past sins. Nitainam works anywhere and everywhere. We do Nitai Gunjan to uproot the sinful mentality itself quickly. But if they hear or say it once, their purification has started.

:hibiscus: In our Telegram Nitai Gunjan Sanga we are never alone. I am remembering Nitai resting in His own Kunja in Shrivas Angan and I am serving Him, after the whole night sankirtan Lila and before His going to the Ekachakra Yogapith to Jahnava Vasudha, while hearing the Nitai Gunjan on my :headphones: .

:hibiscus: आचार :
निताइ गुंजन, निताइ लीला
का नम्रता से श्रवण-कीर्तन ।
दे हरिनाम-सिद्धि, गौर राधा कृष्ण
की नित्यसेवा का धन ।।

प्रचार :
अंजानेमें भी जो
निताइनाम पढ़े बोले सुने ।
पाय सर्व-पाप-मुक्ति,
भक्ति-गोलोक-प्राप्ति ।।

Humble Shravan-Kirtan of
Nitai Gunjan & Nitai Lila,
Grants us Harinam-Siddhi and
Gaur Radha Krishna Nitya-Seva.

One who reads, says, or hears
Nitainam unknowingly,
Gets freedom for all sins
And attains Bhakti and Goloka.

:hibiscus: But we have to also accept the fact by taking Nitainam unknowingly they have already become devotees of Nitai. Just like Ajamila took the name of his son Narayan and still was stopped by the Vishnudutas from being taken to hell by the Yamadutas, and became eligible to enter Vaikuntha with the self-same body without doing anything less.

:hibiscus: Nitai is the origin of Narayan and much more merciful and forgiving. So we can’t imagine what kind of Goloka treats are awaiting those new souls who take Nitainam unknowingly, without even knowing who Nitai is. Not all souls may have the sukriti to become Nitai’s devotees in this life, but Nitainam is so merciful that, even if taken without knowing who Nitai is, it directly gives them the sukriti to enter into Goloka first and then realize who Nitai is. Hahaha, this is the meaning of “vilakshan” mercy. No other holy name is this merciful, aparadha sattve jiva labhe premdhan.

:hibiscus: The Vishnudutas explained to the Yamdutas how Ajamila had already become free from all sins and eligible to enter Vaikuntha simply by saying the name of his son Narayan all the time while eating, sleeping, walking, etc., much before dying.

And if takes Nitainam at the time of death, then 200% guarantee. If taking Narayan’s name without knowledge directly brings Vaikuntha’s plane down to earth to personally take you there, then just imagine what taking the much more merciful and original Nitainam even unknowingly at the time of death will do? To further increase the certainty of that from happening, one should also try to increase the quality and quantity of our Nitai Gunjan and Nitai Lila Kirtan day by day.

Nitai will determine that Himself for each soul because that soul has taken His name. If one wants to make it even more sure to attain it in or after this very life itself, instead of just a few more lives, then one has to add sufficient Nitai Lila Kirtan, Nitai Prachar, and Nitai Dham into the mix with Nitainam and Harinam. Though even after that it still depends on Nitai’s desire, which is always a big YES!

:hibiscus: Bhakti will start very soon for that soul who takes Nitainam even unknowingly. Whether in this very life itself or the immediate next few lives, again depends on the will of Nitai Himself.

:hibiscus: The shastra verses establish that Nitainam is also Harinam, because Nitai is most merciful manifestion of Hari. They both are totally non-different but still a little different in the dispensation of mercy. If Nitainam required Harinam and is not complete in itself, then our whole prachar would be incomplete, because they may or may not come to the point of accepting Harinam in this life. Ajamila took Narayannam, not Harinam, but still the Vaikuntha plane came. And Nitai is in both Lilas, Krishna Lila and Gaura Lila, in fact all the Lilas, so taking Nitainam means planes from both Lilas will come to take us.

:hibiscus: If you do these three things, Nitai Gunjan, Nitainam-Nitailila Kirtan, and Nitai Prachar regularly, then they will surely come to you at the end, not to take you to hell, but worship you as a fortunate Nitaibhakta and see you flying to Goloka.

:hibiscus: That is why all of you souls who are distributing Nitainam are directly being empowered by Nitai, that you are overcoming the temptations of Maya at her best and attacking her all-pervading influence on a war footing, there is no other explanation other than this. Knowing that maya can allow Harinam but she will stop Nitainam at any cost, I thought I will be happy to get even one volunteer for Nitainam Sharing when I started this. But now I see the how powerful Nitai Gunjan is even over Maya’s best, that all of you are getting empowered by it to spread Nitainam far and wide.

:hibiscus: But please don’t forget that Maya’s job given by Nitai’s brother Krishna is to keep souls far away from the Name and the Lord at all times and in all ages. If it was up to Nitai, Maya or this material world would not have existed in the first place. But Nitai respects His brother’s arrangement and does not overturn it. He only interferes when He wants, because Maya is His servant too, like Nitai specifically told maya to lift the veil covering the Gaura Tattva as described in NDM. Their own karma is there but maya makes it more much more difficult to give up sinning even if they want to give up their bad karma, because it is Maya’s job to filter everyone to their limits.

:hibiscus: It is easier to give Nitainam to new souls because they feel the instant bliss of Nitainam and get attracted, so they don’t need any philosophy to be convinced. This is called simplicity. Whereas one has to convince existing devotees from different temples and sangas around the world from all different angles of vision and different shastra verses. But it only remains on the intellectual level unless they try it themselves. And in that process, actually trying out Nitai Gunjan and experiencing its mercy first hand is forgotten. So they never get convinced. That is why SP just went and sang kirtan in the park in Manhattan and made them relish the bliss of Nam first hand instead of telling them the philosophy about it first.

:hibiscus: That is also Nitai’s mercy. Because it helps us to become humble. When we give mercy in the form of Nitainam, Nitai gives us mercy too in the form of rejections to make us humble. He is so merciful. He thinks about us, the giver also. So let us not take them negatively, even if there is only 20% acceptance and 80% rejection. That means we need 80% ego-purification and Nitai is giving it to us.

:hibiscus: Gaura felt like drinking poison on seeing the sinful people. Nitai felt the nectarean desire to save them by just knowing about such people. Gaura can be soft as a rose but hard as a thunderbolt. But Nitai heart is always soft like butter. Is there any doubt who is more merciful?

:hibiscus: Exactly everyone feels this way by Nitai Gunjan. Rom Rom mein Nitai. Did Dil mein Nitai. Shvas Shvas mein Nitai. Pal Pal mein Nitai. Har Dhvani aur Har Cheshta mein Nitai.