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Nitai Painting in Vrindavan

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(Nitaimani das) #1

:hibiscus: We know that Ekachakra is Gupta-Vraja… And now Nitai Sena is painting Nitai Nam so much all over Vraja… That very soon Vraja is going to be known as Gupta-Ekachakra… Hahahaha…

:hibiscus: Nitai preached so much Harinam in Gauda Mandal… Krishna is feeling indebted… We can reduce Krishna’s debt for Nitai by flooding Vraj Mandal with Nitai Nam in return… Hahahaha

Nitai Seva das prabhuji and Nitairam das prabhuji are in Vraj for getting Nitai painted for upcoming Kartik month.


Today Nitai Nam has been painted all over in Gokul, Ramanreti and Barsana… Main temples… Main paths… Stairs… Shops… Everywhere… Now Govardhan, Vrindavan, Mathura, Barsana, and Gokul are covered. Tomorrow Nitai Sena will go to Nandgaon and the famous Shani Mandir of Kokilavan…

Below photos are of Gokul and Ramanreti.

(Vasudha Nitai dasi) #2

T is looking Hal of Nitai …sharp to pull out anarthas :blush::blush:

(Nitaimani das) #3

Looking like?? :blush::blush:
It IS the Hal of Nitai… :blush::clap:

(Nitaisevika dasi) #4

Radharani must be frolicking in bliss by seeing Nitai’s name everywhere in Her Dham finally!

(Bharatishvaridasi) #5

You work hard to make your
dreams in to reality

(Radhasakhi dasi) #6