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💦 Nitai Nam Purifies Even the Exploiters💦

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

:blossom: Krishna Deceives the Offenders

If anyone comes to Krishna or His holy name with the intention to exploit Him, in other words, to use the potency of Nam for ulterior motives other than bhakti, then Nam Prabhu not only conceals Himself under the veil of Yogamaya, that soul also becomes subject to severe Nam aparadha.

We can see even in the pastimes of Lord Krishna how He hides His true identity before the offenders and deludes them even more with His illusory potency. Krishna was present in the battlefield of Kurukshetra, but those who had inimical feelings towards the Lord were deprived of the good fortune to recognize Him.

:tulip: Nishkama Bhakti Required for Krishna Nam

This counts even for materialistic desires. When a devotee approaches Krishna Nam for materialistic benefits, this is not chanting of the pure name. It is merely a semblance of Nam. The semblance of the name also has the potency to grant all materialistic desires, but it’s important to note that this semblance of the name is not the pure name which is nondifferent from Krishna. Krishna Nam does not reveal His true potency before those who approach Him for anything apart from Nishkama bhakti.

:blossom: Exploit Nitai? You Still Get Nitai!

Sri Nitai and Nitai Nam show a divine contrast in this regard. Nityananda Prabhu is renowned even for delivering those who foolishly come to rob and kill Him. There is the pastime in Chaitanya Bhagavat where a group of envious dacoits make endeavors to loot Nitai’s ornaments and potentially kill Him if they must. Obviously we see the height of foolishness and ignorance.

But what does Nitaichand do? He ultimately reveals His true identity to the abominable thieves and rogues and after placing His lotus feet on the head of leader (who is the root of all these lowly acts), empowers them all to become first class pure devotees and preachers of Gaur Krishna Bhakti.

What unbelievable, extraordinary mercy!!!

:tulip: Krishna’s Law of Realizing Him

Krishna’s policy is- you can’t recognize me, you can’t get me. We need to at least have a favourable desire to realize Krishna. If we are simply envious, then Krishna arranges for us to remain dillusioned as per our will. This is the whole cause behind samsara chakra.

:blossom: Nitai Nam Does Not Conceal

However, Nitai does not believe in any form of covering or layers. He never wishes to willingly conceal Himself or delude the offender. Instead, He works on how to give even the offenders realization about His true nature. There is no deception with Nitai. This is the way of Nitai’s dealings.

:tulip: Nitai’s Formula

Even if one approaches Nitai for materialistic benefit, Nitai mercifully grants the desires…without judging the recipient. Yet He does not compromise with their ultimate welfare. Don’t think Nitai will let you go away only with bhukti or mukti. No, Nitai doesn’t allow that. Once you have come to Nitai, you have no escape from getting Prema Bhakti. Nitai ensures that you eventually become purified to that level. This is Nitai’s Formula, come to Nitai for anything…you will get what you initially came for and A LOT more.

The reason for this is that Nitai is so desperate for us to just come to Him once that He is not bothered about what we have approached Him for.

This formula reaches the zenith with Nitai’s Nam! One can approach Nitai Nam with any attitude and still they will reap the highest benefit. Just like Nitai purified the thieves to become Mahabhagavats, Nitai’s name elevates every soul…even the offenders, conditional devotees and exploiters to that platform very rapidly.

:blossom: Nitai Nam For All

In this way, one should take shelter of Nitai’s holy name and direct others to do so too, because they will unconditionally receive the highest benefit. Krishna may hide Himself, but Nitai will reveal Krishna even to the offenders (which even Krishna can’t protest against :wink:).

Even if one has materialistic desires, one should approach only Nitai and Nitai Nam. Nitai not only grants the desire, He also takes the responsibility of permanently uprooting our vishaya lalasa. Aar kabe Nitaichander karuna hoibe, samsara vasana mor kabe tuccha habe.

:tulip: Nitai Vayulekhan Destroys Root Cause of Exploiting Mentality

Nitai Vayulekhan is the most powerful form of taking the shelter of Nitai Nam, with incomparable benefits. In this form, Nitai Nam Prabhu allows us to directly touch Him, which is the ultimate purification. Actually the whole reason we have the desire to exploit is due to our false ego. Nitai accepts our false ego when we do Nitai Vayulekhan and purifies it into suddha abhiman of being nitya Krishna das, thereby taking away our very offensive mentality.

Therefore, in all circumstances, in all cases and at all costs, Nitai’s holy name is our only refuge.

Nitaisevak ganer seva abhilashi,
Nitaisevika dasi

:point_up_2:Was gazing at the syllables of Nitai Nam aksharas while chanting today, and this realization suddenly dawned upon me. Nitai Nam is merciful even to those who come with the impure intention to exploit Him, just as Nitai does not back away from giving prema to those who come to rob, loot, kill or take advantage of Him. Zenith of mercy!