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Nitai Nam Bhajan is always smooth because of No Friction and Resistance

(Nitaimani das) #1

:hibiscus: The first round ‘o’ in the first syllable of निताइ looks exactly like a shunya (zero). It reveals that Nitai is abhiman-shunya, that is, He is completely devoid of pride. It also assures us that the very moment we raise our hand to write निताइ, we become aparadh-shunya, that is, we become devoid of all offenses.

:hibiscus: Everyone naturally feels more bliss in chanting and writing Nitai’s name because Gaur-Krishna’s names have a lot of ‘friction’ due to our countless offenses and immense ‘resistance’ due to our excessive anarthas. Nitai’s nam bhajan is always smooth because there is no such friction and resistance in Nitai’s name.

:cherry_blossom: :cherry_blossom: :cherry_blossom:

:new_moon: Krishna washes the feet of only His pure devotees like Sudama with His tears.
:full_moon: Nitai washes the feet of even the most sinful and wretched persons with His tears.

:new_moon: Krishna embraces the most fortunate Gopis.
:full_moon: Nitai embraces the most unfortunate Rogues.

:new_moon: Krishna reciprocates with the Jiva when Krishna wants to reciprocate.
:full_moon: Nitai reciprocates with the Jiva when the Jiva wants Nitai to reciprocate.

(Vasudha Nitai dasi) #2

SIhijar prabhuji: pray to nityananda that my affection and love towards him grow and grow till eternity…by listening nityananda it really soothes my mind, like it is cleaning up my mind, may Nityananda always bless us with his mercy, jay Nityananda Prabhu

(Nitai Prasad das) #3

The effulgent rays of the sun possess some cleansing ability, within the ultraviolet rays. The effulgent rays of Nityananda appear to also have this ability, but can affect the most subtle of energies like our mind. The cleansing of our mind is an important step on our path to acceptance of the supremacy of the Lord.

(Manjari dasi) #4

Waah waah !!! What beautiful glorification of Nitaai !!! Nitai reciprocates when Jiva wants Nitai to reciprocate !!!

(Viswambhar das) #5

Jaya Jaya HG Nitaimani das prabhuji. Beautiful comparison… a ray of hope for this wretched soul that one day Lord Nitai will reciprocate to this fallen soul… :clap::clap::clap: