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Nitai Naam, mercy of Shrila Gurudev and Preaching by HG Ankit Prabhuji

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(mayur chopra) #1

Nitai Hatta Sec-25, Rohini 04/06/2016
NITAI kirtan and some bhajans - GauraPahu Na Bhajiya ……, ParamKarunaPahu dui jana. … .
So a person in this material world, is not satisfied only because he is not serving the lotus feet of lord NITAI. It is not that, “ prabhuji I was not satisfied from my job, so let me prepare for IES or gate or anything like that”. No this is basic philosophy- even if you will get your desired job, still u will remain unsatisfied. So how can we satisfy our self, u try to feel the rasa, sweet taste in this devotional service.
Now how that taste will come. See there are nine stages in devotion. Sraddha, sadhu-sanga, bhajana kriya, anartha nivrtti, nishtha, ruchi, asakti bhava and finally prema. NITAI is so merciful that he is directly giving, “Shraddha matra shuddha naam sei haate bikaye”, first stage is Shraddha from first stage he is saying that you try to have some shraddha from there I will directly import you to above anartha nivrati , sudha naam. the path of devotion is so big , so many stages ,this is more difficult than rocket science, so let’s take the shortcut, that NITAI is directly giving us among these the most difficult stage to overcome is anarthanivrriti which may take even millions of lives, anarthanivrriti means we are doing so many offenses . Moreover Lord Krishna has conditions like in gaur lila Mahaprabhu asked paramanandapuri “ why this well in your house is not used”. PuriGoswami said “the weter of this well is muddy and bitter in taste” Mahaprabhu said Jaggannath has kept it secret, if one touches the water of this well he will be delivered all his offences will be cleaned. So Jaggannath Krishna hides his mercy, but Nitai has no secrets he says you just have some faith and I will give you prem. If someone has billion dollars and he hides them then that is not very good, Nitai has trillions of tons of mercy and he is distributing it freely so there is so much difference, so much difference. There is no one more merciful than NITAI even beasts and animals shed tears of love when they hear their glories, but our condition is such that we don’t feel anything at all. We don’t feel anything because we are doing so much sense gratification,” Vishaya visham vish sata tkhainu, Gaur kirtanrase magna nahoinu”. Now it is very difficult not to do sense gratification because of tv, laptop, mobile etc,etc, all are deluding us to do some kind of sense gratification, thus we must do nitaibhajan let’s not only do gaurangakirtan but also do nitaikirtan, there is no condition in nitaikirtan. I am repeating again and again so that you can understand it, try to take these things deep in your heart, try to understand the logic behind only NITAI. If you can’t understand logic of “only NITAI and NITAI success writing” then also take it as it is “Guru Mukha Padma vakya chitteti koriyaeikya”. Prabhupada says this that- accepting a guru is not fashion whatever Guru says you take it as it is, without arguing this is the meaning of Guru .It is not that first you will get some input and then you will give output," only when Gurudev will say some good things for me, I will fulfil his wish . No this should not be there. Prabhupada became sad to see his disciples say, we love you when he praised them and as soon as he scolded them they said we don’t like you anymore. No No guru – sisya sambanha should not be like that. I mean to say don’t expect anything in return for preaching, only a realized devotee can do preaching if you are not realized you can’t preach, this is the reason that your preaching is not successful because you have no realization. So how can we get that realization or get qualified to do preaching the solution is only by preaching just go on preaching go on preaching then Nitai will see and say,” Oh, this boy is trying so much, he is representing me let me help him in preaching”. So only by trying can we preach and don’t expect any realization without preaching when your heart will burn then lord will give you realization. I have told it many times, for preaching one needs only pure desire and enthusiasm.
“ Prachar means Nitai’s prachar not your prachar, Kirtan means Nitai’s kirti, not your kirti. Katha means Nitai’s Katha, not your Katha”

Hold on very tightly to Lord Nitai’s lotus feet
We are doing so much sense gratification, we are doing asatsanga, “Asatsangatyagatei Vaishnava achar, strisangiekasadhu Krishna abhaktaara”, Mahaprabhu Strictly said don’t do asatsanga, but still we are doing it so the result as taught by Shrila Narrottama Das Thakur, “Sat sanga chhadi kainu asatevilas, tei karene lagilo karma bandhan phans”, Forsaking the association of devotees I have sported with non-devotees for this reason I have been choked by the snare of my actions. My heart is burning because I am doing asatsanga. That’s why Mahaprabhu strictly warned of consequences doing asatsanga of four kinds. Now, what is the solution? Nitai! He has no conditions like Mahaprabhu. Moreover Mahaprabhu eats only in the house of Laksheshwara, chant sixty four rounds and then I will eat at your house, and niai he took gaur to house of pseudo sanyasi. Moreover, in their loving quarrel Advait Acharya said- “Nitai you are not a sanyasi, you eat three times a day and without any consideration of who lives in that house. You even eat at chandal’s house”. So NITAI has no such conditions
Anil chug prabhu- “ I do nitai chanting and nitai writing but still , I don’t feel it, I mean….”
Yes, Some say even after chanting NITAI I am not feeling anything, there are two reason for that firstly they have no faith in god there is no Shraddha and understanding that we are in a dreary condition we are saying I am Fine, I am happy, all good. Still Nitai gives them mercy he forces or changes their heart makes them attend kirtan and Nitaihatta.
In Gaur Lila while coming from Nilachal, mahaprabhu went to VidyaVachaspati’s house and ordered him to not tell anybody about his arrival yet out of his compassionate nature he informed devotees. Mahaprabhu is god, sun cannot hide, he cannot hide from his devotees.
ShrilaVachasspati said “you all want to see mahaprabhu, come to my home”, their hearts were burning, they were jumping in the boats they were so excited and thrilled to see Gauranga. This is the glory of devotees that they disregard even god’s order. it is vedic injunction that no devotee should go to western countries paschatyadesh, yet Shrila Saraswati Thakur sent his desciples like prabhupada to western countries. So devotees are always so selfless they just want that all the people must know Bhagwan. they are burning in pain, playing game, waching movies, doing all kinds of nonsensical stuff they are just so sad deep inside their hearts. Our guru parampara is so merciful, just like – imagine there is no light in an area and some person is viewing that area from a helicopter, now to him only people who are near or in association of source of light will appear. So our condition is very degraded, we are full of darkness, in that case Krishna is unable to see us. But just because our Gurudev and Guruparampara have held us tightly in their association, Krishna is seeing us……
By grace of Shrila Nitaipreshthji we have got this treasure of NITAI naam and success writing, he has been so merciful to us it must be our priority to distribute it all over the world. So, there can be two cases that either you have realized this that NITAI is so merciful and after realizing you also want to distribute his name. In second case there is no realization so shall one without realization stop preaching? No everyone must try it, cannot be accomplished in a day. So many have left us, people will leave us but we have to keep trying continuously in whatever ways we can. So, even if we don’t feel anything take Shrila Gurudev’s words as it is and this gloom will soon disappear with NitaiVayulekhan/ Success writing. Nowadays yoga has become so popular so nitai yoga and writing can be preached easily then later they can know about, chanting and Nitaileela. Daily we have to try to preach about lord Nitai.
Shrila Nitaipreshth ji ki jai!
Shri Guru Parampara ki jai!
Naam Aacharya Shrila Haridas Thakur ki jai!
Jai NITAI! Hare Krishna!
Transcribed from Ankit Prabhuji’s Katha