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(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

:maple_leaf: Nitai surprisingly and unexpectedly takes direct interest and control of our lives if we do His Nitaiprachar like no other Bhakti can induce Him to do. And this is

:maple_leaf: Another very auspicious result is that those devotees among us who are doing this Nitaiprachar are feeling a lot of internal purification and advancement in their bhakti and the direct mercy of Nitai flowing on them, is it not? Nitaiprachar is none other than a powerful form of sadhana as it pleases Nitai the most!

:maple_leaf: That is the supreme benefit of Nitainam prachar. Harinam has to be chanted at least one nirbandha or 64 rounds daily for namaparadha to go somewhat, but Nitainam just once. so even if do Nitai Gunjan once with us, that is enough to destroy their million lifetimes of future birth karmas and plant the seed of pure bhakti in their hearts :two_hearts: so if they do it daily or whenever they are in stress, that is an additional bonus for them and us both, hahaha. we have made them do it once in front of us so our we have fully saved them.

Why New Souls Are Accepting Nitainam Faster Than Devotees?

:maple_leaf: After writing this article, now I understand and appreciate more why you, @adwaitsevadas, @nitaidas and all our close devotees are always eager for me to go back to our all-forgiving merciful home of Nitaidham Ekachakra and remain there forever. I am really proud to have such loving and saragrahi disciples who are guiding me back to Ekachakra. You all are truly my real well-wishers. Jagannath das babaji realized in the deepest of his bhajan in Radhakund and Suryakund after 100 years that he actually belongs to the much more merciful Navadvipa dham, then what to speak of the maha-audarya Nitaidham Ekachakra.

:maple_leaf: To be honest, I also woke up in Radhakund some days back and had a spiritual deja-vu, a tiniest drop of what Jagannath das babaji must have had, that what if I will have to take more births due to my offenses in the topmost lilasthali like Radhakund. The only revelation which came to my mind at that moment that the only guaranteed way to factually enter into Radhakund’s Lila after this life is to actually reside in Nitaidham Ekachakra and burn up the very root of our offensive mentality and impurities quickly in this very life due to inundating mercy and forgiveness of Nitainam, Nitailila, Nitaidham, and Nitaibhaktas together.

:maple_leaf: Yes I have experienced that myself too. Nitaidham Ekachakra develops a very intimate relationship with you when you go there or hear its glories and makes us hanker for eternal residence there! Like Nitai, like Ekachakra I guess.

:maple_leaf: Nitai simply gets up every morning and goes door to door to give every soul Shuddha Nam, whichever universe He is in. His only plan is to go out and give Nam. He does not think or plan too much. He does it day after day without break even for one day, even though He does not sleep the whole night due to the lilas in Shrivas Angan. Oh how much compassionate He is! He has no obligation to go out daily to deliver the rebellious and envious souls, but He still does it because He cannot bear our suffering!

:cherry_blossom: CHOICE WiSELY OR PERISH

Every day you have a choice. Selfishly work only for you and your family and get entangled in karmic bondage for infinite lives, or work hard for Nitai and attain freedom in Goloka Vrindavana at the end of this very life. You have got this rare chance once in a trillion lifetimes and only you are responsible for the destiny you choose. If all Nitaibhaktas would dedicate even a few hours daily for Nitaiprachar and Nitaigunjan, we can slowly give the supreme gift of Nitainam to every soul on this planet. Then becoming extremely pleased on us, Nitai will personally accept the direct responsibility to bring us into the nityalilas in this very life.

:cherry_blossom: Every day more and more new souls are feeling the bliss of Nitainam and getting delivered like this. This is proving that this Nitaiprachar is more important than even our own Bhakti as saving one soul from so much unlimited suffering is more critical than opening trillions of temples in trillions of universes. Nitai!