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Nitai is the Master of All Souls

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

:tulip: Remembrance means remembrance of the Lord’s name, form, qualities, pastimes, etc. Nitai is the treasurehouse where these glories of Gauranga Krishna are safely locked. Unless He opens up the treasure box, where is the hope of ever ascending to the terrace of premamayi smaranam bhakti? Nitainam is capable of opening that treasurehouse. Therefore we should wholeheartedly endeavor to distribute this magnanimous name to others, so that they may reap the greatest benefit of obtaining prema and Harinam Ruchi, while ourselves remaining immersed in the bliss of this ‘nitya-anandamay’ Nam. By hook or by crook, if they can somehow get Nitainam, they will surely get Krishna.

:tulip:Just give Nitai to others (via Nitainam Lekhan), Nitai will give them the rest. Rest assured that they will surely attain all that is to be attained by Nitai’s grace. To the extent that we have faith in this principle, to that extent we have realized the merciful nature of Nitaichandra.

:tulip:If you are really desirous of a soul reaching Krishnachandra, be ambitious to give them Nitai’s association. That’s the real way they will attain Krishna without delay. Even if they have no idea who is Nitai, but somehow come in contact with Him through some pretext, Krishna Himself will go on a look out for that soul.

:cherry_blossom: It is Nitai seated in our heart as Parmatma (chaitya Guru) who allows us to recognize and take shelter of His bonafide representative - our spiritual master.

:cherry_blossom: Service to Sri Guru’s lotus feet is also easily obtained by Nitai’s grace. And by serving those lotus feet with love and devotion, we become eligible to serve Sri Hadainandan in the nitya lila under Gurudev’s guidance.

:cherry_blossom: The most observable evidence of Nitai and Guru being inseparable is the fact that the more you associate with one, the more you remember and feel affection for the other.

:cherry_blossom:Is it not marvelling that when you confide something to Nityananda Prabhu, Sri Guru magically comes to give us the answer. You wonder how he came to know…obviously only Nitai could have told him…who else but Nitai knew of it?! And when you disclose your heart to the spiritual master, Nitai immediately reciprocates in unique ways. They both respond for each other, as if to show matimanda souls like me (who require practical evidence to consolidate their faith), “Look, we are always connected.”

(Hem Gauranga das) #2

Ur quotes r always evergreen , beautiful, blissful ,truthful, crystalclear ,motivating n enhances the faith n love to the greatest extent towards the lotus feet of Shri Guru , lotus feet of Shri Shri NitaiChand n towards vaishnavas …i am eagerly awaiting for that day when we all will hear u live from the vyaspeeth…Aap hamare Gurudevaka Naam roshan karnevalomese jarur ek ho…

(vishal nitai) #3

Thanks for sharing dear Prabhvi

A minute realization happened while doing Nitainam lekhan this evening. Our bodies organs like liver, kidneys etc have no separate existence without the body. Therefore these organs work very hard and efficiently for the body. Similarly we jivas have no independent existence without Nitai. So we should diligently do Nitainam lekhan as otherwise our existence is meaningless. :pray::hibiscus: