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Nitai Gunjan is Following Haribhakti Vilas for Harinam

(Jahnava Nitai dasi) #1

Wanted to share this, its based on an incident in my office and Nitai gunjan mercy:

Our primary photo is used for everything, be it for passport or photo frame or visa. The only change is in the structure n purpose. One cannot say that it’s two different personalities. In the same way, Nitainam is all potent n merciful. However we take it, the naam prabhu remains the same (gunjan, kirtan, lekhan) One cannot say that kirtan is higher or japa is lower anything. Though kirtan binds the Lord in our heart like a rope and japa is refered as a thread. (But from the perspective of Nam prabhu) From whichever angle you touch the fire, your finger will get burnt. Nam prabhu is always potent. If we move a little further in this thought, we will find that every photo of ours is also used under the instructions of an authority. A visa agent will always instruct to use a particular size of our photo… So does the bonafide spiritual master and Guru parampara. That’s why Gurudev has compiled all the direct slokas on nitainam in Nitai gunjan book. Where all the acharyas have instructed on ‘nitai balilo’. Nitai boliya dubahu tuliya chalibo vrajer pure… nagare mangiya gaibo nitai and so many more. Nitai Gunjan as Gurudev has explained is a call at the same time kirtan (call in a particular tune). It doesnt make sense if chant is interpreted as a call and gunjan is not because gunjan is breath+call or deep breath+kirtan. By following Nitai Gunjan process, we are following our Bonafide spiritual master, acharyas and shastra. Nitai Gaur are sankirtanaika pitrau, they came to spread nam kirtan and Mahaprabhu has always proclaimed Nitai’s position to be nore important in order to reach Him and merciful than Him.

Also, Harinam Chintamani explained to do pranayam before japa. Also it is recommended to sing some verses in glorifications of nam prabhu, b4 japa. No one has aligned the verses for it, in the same way Nitai Gunjan is pranayam and we are taking Nitainam with it because a bhakt will by nature feel an urge to accompany nam with his acts. The most imp aspect of bhakti is to always remember Lord and never forget Him. So that’s what we are doing, even while implementing HNC we are accompanying it with the primary instructions of always remembering the Lord.