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Nitai Gunjan FAQs

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(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1


Nitai Gunjan FAQ

Q. What is Nitai Gunjan?
A. It is the calling out of long Nitainam as a resonating kirtan, since Panchtattva mantra is not allowed for more times in kirtan.

Q. How to do it?
A. Resonatingly call out “Nitaaaaaaai” slowly. Repeat it as long you like. You can also listen to its recording while doing other things.

Q. Is Nitai Gunjan done on a japa mala?
A. No. It does not need a mala or counter, as it is only namkirtan.

Q. Does it need diksha, money, or to follow someone?
A. No. Anyone can do this Nitai kirtan freely, before or after Harinam.

Q. Are musical instruments needed?
A. No. Only our mouth is enough, as the resonation itself is music.

Q. It is from which shastra?
A. It is the direct instruction of Srila Narottam das thakur (Champak manjari gopi of Sri Radha and the dearmost associate of Sri Gaura):
“‘Nitai’ na bolilo mukhe, majilo sansar sukhe”.
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Q. Why to do it?
A. For quick Krishna-prema by Harinam-siddhi; and for instant Ruchi in hearing, reading, singing, sharing, sadhusang, dhamvas, prasadam, and worship; due to the all-forgiving offenseless nature of Nitainam.