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Nitai gunamani's precious gems

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1


Nitai Tweets (@Nitai_Sevika)

:sunflower:Just by associating with sadhus for a fraction of a second, all perfection comes. Then what to speak of Nitaibhakts, who are the most merciful.

:sunflower:There’s no faster medium of acquiring Nitai’s full unrestrained mercy than singing the glories of His pranpriya associates from CC Adi 11.

:sunflower:It is only Nitai’s associates, who’re maddened in unconditional love for Him,who can empower us to preach for Nitai. Their mercy is crucial!

:sunflower:I’m bankrupt of all devotion to Nitai & His devotees. That explains the cause of my precarious and despondent situation. Dreadful. Hopeless.

:sunflower:Just as devotion to Nitai is ati durlabh, so the sanga of saral & loving Nitai bhaktas is most rare in this whole creation! Never lose it!

:sunflower:Nitai is very tricky in coming up with ways to make souls take Gaur’s name. His devotees exhibit this same mood while distributing His name!

:sunflower:Attachment & faith in the lotus feet of Nitaibhakts conquers Nitai. Nitai conquered means all dat is to be conquered is now within our fists

:sunflower:If one desires to be empowered in Nitai prachar, the formula is to deeply appreciate those exalted souls who’re already engaged in that sewa

:sunflower:The more we remember Nitaisevaks, the more we desire to become like them. Blissful in Nitai sewa! And Nitai is the fulfiller of all desires

:sunflower:Jei maha jiva korchen Nitai nam, Lila guna mahima prakash
Ta sabara pada renu mor pancha grash

:sunflower:All those souls who are serving to illuminate the glories of Nitai Nam,gun,lila etc, the dust of their lotus feet is my fivefold subsistence

:sunflower:To think offensively of Nitaibhaktas is like using the rope thrown down to save us from drowning as a noose to choke ourselves. Foolishness!

:sunflower:He Nitai, kindly grant me only one benediction that I may become the worshipper of Ur sevaks. With 0 qualification, I beg this charity frm U

:sunflower:There is no parallel to worshipping the most merciful devotees of Sri Nitaichandra! Doyal Nitai’s unfathomable mercy is guaranteed by this.

:sunflower:Nitai is the root of bhaktivriksh (bhajana taru kandam), and His devotees are the core of His heart. We get a double win by worshipping both

:sunflower:Slight remembrance of Nitai’s associates has the power to chuck away all miseries and bestow all-auspiciousness upon us downtrodden souls.

:hibiscus:How lovingly must Padmavati Maiya call out to Her laal Nitai! When will that sweetest sound of the three worlds, Padma devi chanting Nitainam, constantly ring in this fallen soul’s ears?

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #2

I have seen in our entire sanga even though you are so far away from Nitaibhakts and Nitaidham still you are the most eager amongst us all about Nitai Trayodashi! May Nitai grant us a tiny drop of that greed and jubilation to celebrate Nitai’s appearance one day!!!

(Hem Gauranga das) #3

Very eager to see ur vigorous preaching dear prabhvi… May Doyal Nitai engage U asap!

(Nitaisevika dasi) #4

That is only because I have all of You dear Nitaipreshthji Gurudev! The prabhaav of Nitaibhakt sanga…one who has nothing can still feel the anticipation to welcome Nitaichandra. Shows the prowess of Nitaisevaks