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Nitai Dhyan Mahatmya preview

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Nitai Dhyan Mahatmya vol. 1 (preview)

All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

The glories of Nitai Meditation

I fall at the feet of Srila Sadhu Maharaj
whose mercy glance fills all his children’s
hearts with joy.
A true saint, patient and kind, resolute not to hear
the words unkind.
Maddened by Sri Gauranga’s love his tears now
fall incessantly.
Captured by his Nitai!
Friend of the fallen, bestowing radiant gems that
adorn the Lotus Feet of Sri Sri Radha-Shyam
shining in Navadwipa Dham!

Those of us so fortunate, having attained eternal
shelter of Srila Sadhu Maharaj feel so much joy.
Sharing in this transcendental adventure of a
living saint. Realization upon realization is shared
so freely, his eternal play amazes.
We often sit at our computer screens, waiting, hungry.
Insatiable appetites.
There is no mundane rationale to explain our good fortune.
Or feel no shame, our greed for more Guru Katha. Forever
servants of Nitaipreshtji.
Srila Sadhu Maharaj shared the adjacent diagram with
us in 2017, expressing it contains complete essence of
his bhajan. We cherish this.
Full faith, steady and strong, it will take us home!

Lets begin this journey of the glories of Nitai Meditation.
When Srila Sadhu Maharaj first heard this audio from Nitai
Sevaka dasi tears filled his eyes. Grateful hearted he sat through
the night and listened. As the sun rose he raced to us. Sharing
this joy.
Please take to the process of Nitai Dhyan. This song will
call you home. This mahatmya truly has no end, relishable,
time and time again.