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Nitai bullets Part 2- Nimai das

(Nimai das) #1

:tulip:First Nitai’s Embrace, then Krishna’s Flute.

:tulip:It cannot get more intimate with the Lord than this: निताइ Vayulekhan.

:tulip: Lord’s confidential lila is protected by the strongest firewall (Mayadevi). But not a problem to penetrate through for someone who has the Greatest Hacker on his side (Nitai) and the Greatest key (Nitai Vayulekhan).

:tulip: By the mercy of निताइ Vayulekhan and Ekachakradham we will be able to remain under the shelter of permanent remembrance of Jahnava Nitai at the banks of Radhakund.

Nimai das

:tulip:Everyone, on whom the most merciful glance of Nitai fell upon, was immediately surcharched with the highest form of prema. When will this unfortunate fallen soul by the good will of providence come across the rays emanating from the compassionate lotus eyes of His Devotees?

:tulip: Every Gaudiya Vaishnava understands, to some extent or other, that Nitai bhakti is essential for making any kind of substantial progress. So, how does one know that one has performed enough Nitai bhakti for that matter? When one sees Nitai face-to-face.

:tulip: Oh Nitai, how bizarre! There are millions of hungry, deserving souls waiting for the nectar of Your Name and Pastimes getting nothing. And me, ungrateful hypocrite, getting tons of it unable to consume it all.

:tulip: Shri Jahnava Isvari, our Ultimate Mother and Mistress, is most dear to Nitai (nityananda priyam). She is the Supreme Reservoir and Final Bestower of the most hidden jewels of the rarest, condensed form of Pure Love for Nitai and Gaur-RadhaKrishna (prema bhakti ratna pradayinim). When will She cast Her most merciful glance upon me and let me behold a tiny spark of the jewels She is offering? Oh Divine Mother, only the all-penetrating potency of these jewels can offer an ultimate sollution to the burning fire of the three-fold miseries of material life (tapa traya nivarinim) :pray:

:tulip: The tighter i embrace Maya, the tighter Nitai embraces me.

:tulip: Even Nitai’s plow feels very pampering.

Nitai performs a painless operation of our senses and ego. Simply looking at त creates a soothing sensation in one’s mind and heart, by which one’s automatically and willingly gives up one’s resistance towards Nitai and pure bhakti. :pray:

:tulip: I like to keep my altar simple. One lila, one Lord.

:tulip: Authentic Gaura-Krishna Conciousness can develop only from Nitai Conciousness. This is the nature of progress. Like in the school, once one has grasped A properly, can one grasp B. B does not replace A however. A reveals itself as B when student is ready, on its own accord. It’s The Same Absolute Truth.

:tulip: I have read and heard “meditation on the Holy Name” everywhere, but i didn’t know what it meant until i have picked up the practice of निताइ Vayulekhan.

:tulip: Lack of patience is often a sign of lack of faith.

:tulip: I often experience, that while doing निताइ Vayulekhan i feel as if i was surrounded by Ekachakra atmosphere. Is it because निताइ Nam Prabhu is non-different from His Dham or because i stayed couple of days in Ekachakra Dham and did Vayulekhan there? Or because of both?

:tulip: The ultimate goal is Ekachakra Dhamvas in the company of realized Nitaibhaktas. Until then all is just a preparation, because for some reason or other we are not fully resolute yet.

:tulip: While doing निताइ Vayulekhan i feel Nitai’s Rope of Love binding my rebellious heart and dragging it slowly to His Lotus Feet.

:tulip: The fact that Shrila @NitaipreshthjiBS Gurudeva is exclusively preaching about Nitai and Nitabhakti is the ultimate proof that He is actually non-different from Nitai, the Ultimate Guru.

:tulip: Oh Nitai, i refuse to worship anyone else other than You till i gain complete confidence that if i worship someone else by Your mercy i won’t forget You for even a second.

:tulip: Who on this earth, after having known निताइ, the Ultimate Limit of Causeless Mercy, will take his/her chances and worship some other Lord?

:tulip: Oh Lord, i have just realised: i have comitted so many Vaishnava and Guru aparadhas and it was none other than DOYAL NITAI who protected me from being estranged from Bhakti and somehow kept me engaged again and again. :pray:

:tulip: Simply by the mere fact of one’s one-pointed and exclusive worship of Lord Nitai one is always a step ahead of any other worshiper of God.

(Nitaisevika dasi) #2

Jahnavaaaaaa Nitaaiii!!! What a prayer to Jahnava Devi! Beautiful! Truly there is no one like Her!

(Jahnavi dasi) #3

Wat a beautiful prayer. Joy Jahnava Nitai… :raised_hands:🏻:raised_hands:🏻. All glories to you. :pray:🏻:pray:🏻

(adwaitsevadas) #4

Joy Joy!! The Golden words :raised_hands::raised_hands:@nimaidas prabhuji’s quotes are really like bullets which straight away penetrates our hearts

(Nitaisevika dasi) #5

Nitaiiiiiiiiii! :innocent::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: Need to carve this on every single wall

(Vasudha Nitai dasi) #6

Joy Nitai ! Jay Nitai Vayulekhan

(Radhasakhi dasi) #8

i keep wondering why am I not getting Radhakund vaas… no faith in Nitai…one has to be qualified …i keep wondering why am I not getting Radhakund vaas… no faith in Nitai…one has to be qualified …

Lack of patience is often a sign of lack of faith.

(adwaitsevadas) #9

I am in love with these small but quite heavy and deep quotes…It is like reveling the essance in few words…Joy Joy @nimaidas prabhuji :raised_hands::raised_hands:

(Nimai das) #10

Bulls eye… what a hit dear prabhuji…