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Nitai Bullets 3 by Nimai das

(Nimai das) #1

:tulip:You find it difficult to remember Your Gurudeva? Just write the First Stroke of निताइ Nam!

:tulip:I feel like निताइ Nam is an endless rope of Nitai’s Love for us. By patiently airwriting each and every stroke this rope tightens around our heart stronger and stronger. Until our heart eventually cannot do anything else other than reciprocate.

:tulip:Genuine faith is not measured by the intensity of attachment to a particular service but rather by the intensity of desire to please Shri Guru irrespective of the performed service at any point of time.

:tulip:As Nitai is the Embodiment of Shuddha Harinam, it is obvious, that meditating on the Syllables of His Holy Name while chanting Harinam (i.e. doing Nitainam Lekhan) is very conductive in attaining its Pure Form.

:tulip: With closed eyes, in your mind, choose your 2nd most favourite colour as the background, the most favourite colour as the paint, dip your palm in it and start slowly writing निताइ syllable by syllable.

:tulip:There is a foggy window between our inner eye and Lord’s Form, Qualities and Pastimes. But by writing निताइ on it, we can start seeing through its cristal clear Syllables the transcendental beauty behind the foggy window.

:tulip: 6th and 7th stroke are completely the same shape, because Nitai Gaur are the actually the same.

:tulip: If Nitai used to reach out for unorthodox ways to trap the fallen souls, why shouldn’t His dear Devotees do the same while propagating His Holy Name ?!

:tulip: Nitainam Lekhan offers one a wholesome new level on the path of bhakti. Like everything has gotten its true meaning. Deeper.

:tulip: Before engaging myself in exclusive Nitaibhakti, i did not know how to pray properly. There was always a doubt somewhere in my heart to what extent, if at all, my prayers will be considered by the respective Lord. Thus i was unable to open my heart with full confidence. With Nitai it’s a completely different story however! Those doubts i was having transformed into a comforting assurance that Jahnava Nitai will consider and answer every single prayer of this worthless soul, in Their own clever and loving way.

:tulip: Transcendental sound vibration never wears off and never grows old.

:tulip: निताइ telling me again and again: “Let’s keep in touch!”

:tulip: निताइ is the Signature of Nitai. If one is able to reliably forge the signature of one’s father, one will get unrestricted access to all the assets of one’s father. Similarly, trying to minutely learn Nitai’s signiture by continuous practice of निताइ Vayulekhan will ensure that one gets all the transcendental riches of our Eternal Spiritual Father.

:tulip: i don’t know who is more fortunate: a fool unaware of bhakti but who has once touched निताइ or a practicing devotee who restrains from touching निताइ when kindly ask to do so? As Shrila Nitaipreshthji said: sometimes one’s qualification may become one’s disqualification for accepting simple and sublime truths. :pray::raised_hands::raised_hands:
Please forgive me, i don’t mean to offend anyone :pray::pray::pray::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: Doyal निताइ!
The only prerequisite for accepting निताइ Vayulekhan is common sense: “this may be good for me, i don’t have anything to lose, let me try at least once…” As Shrila Prabhupada Himself said, that anything good should be accepted. Simple.

:tulip:A sincere Nitaibhakta cannot but imbibe the merciful attitude of his or her own worshipable Lord towards all fallen souls.