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Nitai Bhakt Sanga

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1


:heart:️ Making the worldwide Nitaibhaktas happy by sharing your realizations, feedback, and updates on Telegram, being active on Telegram, and assisting each other on Telegram from the very comfort of your homes is the rarest, unique, and golden chance to please Nitai. Because Nitaibhaktas are very rare in this world and our Telegram community may be only one of its kind in the whole world, where we can get a chance to associate and serve the most merciful Nitaibhaktas in such a loving and intimate manner. As Vishal rightly pointed out, our Telegram sanga is like Ekachakra dham online.

:heart:️ Never think that to check Telegram messages is Maya or that you are wasting your time from bhajan by being on Telegram, because there is no Maya on Telegram like it is there on Facebook, Youtube, Websites, etc. where one can easily become distracted by other mundane news, images, or videos. Whatever you read on Telegram is only Nitai. We are very focussed on our goal Doyal Nitai here in our Nitaibhakta Sanga. And lots of lots of nectar will come when we start composing and recording Nitailila. So how can it ever be Maya? Checking Telegram is direct Bhakti. On Telegram, there are no spam coming in like on Whatsapp. In fact the time spent on Telegram saves us from being in Maya during that time.

:heart:️ In fact, it is the total opposite. Many devotees have told me that being part of our loving, caring, and respecting Telegram Nitaibhakta Sanga and getting everyone’s association here makes them feel like they are at real home in their own Nitai family, without having to go outside their home. Because all happens live here on Telegram.

:heart:️ Also many devotees have had problems with unfavorable and neophyte association in their local devotee communities, even after travelling long distances to go there once a week. Whereas in Telegram, you get the highest association, blessings, and guidance of simple-hearted and non-duplicitous Nitaibhaktas without having to go anywhere,and that too not once a week but 24/7. Even if we have no other sanga in this world, we can survive and become pure devotees by this Telegram Sanga.

:heart:️ Also many devotees have told me that they have got all their knowledge, devotion, and attraction to Doyal Nitai from Telegram messages and media.

:heart:️ So don’t let just read on Telegram but actively share about what you read, watch or listen on Telegram. That will make Nitaibhaktas happy and due to that Doyal Nitai sitting in their hearts will become pleased on you quickly. This is called as pleasing the rarest devotees of the supreme devotee Nitaichand.

:heart:️ Even I post whatever I write and record first on Telegram, nowhere else, because I want to please the Nitaibhaktas here first and make them blissful and then the rest of the world. Sometimes what I post here is not even posted anywhere else. This is how much I give my topmost priority to our dear Nitaibhaktas on Telegram. Since I more into sharing enlightening vani than just normal talks, I like to give Telegram sanga even more than physical association as it will be there for all for a long time. I feel more blissful to meet our Nitaibhaktas in person who are active on Telegram because I know thier mood. So please don’t let me down please by being inactive on Telegram or by just reading but not sharing anything. However small it is, please share it. I know Doyal Nitai is giving each one of some unique realizations every day.

:heart:️ All the posts our online community are filled by our @AabhaBhalla by what you have shared on Telegram. And now, we will be sharing all your Telegram comments and conversations on So the whole world will also be able to read them and get inspired. How much more easy can we make to for you to share about Nitai with Nitaibhaktas? You just share it here and we will do the rest. If still you don’t share, then what can I say? हरे कृष्ण. जय निताइ. Jai Guruvarga.

(Vasudha Nitai dasi) #2

Jay Nitai! So true Shrila Gurudev…I have experienced personally that being on telegram, associating with Nitaibhaktas, reading and hearing charges one up. We are actually so grateful to you for opening this Nitai Darbaar right in our phones. We are really fortunate to get association of Shrila Gurudev here along with all exalted devotees. :raised_hands::raised_hands:

(nav) #3

i cannot find the telegram room name, please help. thanks.

(Vasudha Nitai dasi) #4

Sure prabhuji. Please tell your username on telegram, we will help you. @nava prabhuji

(Nitai Seva das) #5

:zap:️:zap:️:zap:️Telegram Nitai sanga is a very powerful Charging point where we can charge ourselves spiritually 24/7​:clock7:, without any doubt, by getting association of rearest Nitaibhaktas. Thanks you Shrila Gurudev for making us a part of this mercyfull Charger. :raised_hands::pray::pray:

(Padma Nitai Dasi) #6

Yes Gurudev ,Telegram is one channel where I can get direct association and nectar .In whatever state I am ,after connecting to this sanga I feel motivated and blissful .


After being on Telegram one can not feel distress, sorrow from the outside world. Without Telegram this life is a waste. It helps us to be in contact with each devotee which itself is a blessing. :pray::pray::raised_hands::raised_hands:

(Hem Gauranga das) #8

Yes dear Gurudeva telegram Sanga is like water for the fish…Joy Nitai…Jai Gurudeva.
Only due to invention of internet we can associate with each other in this way during our very small life span in kaliyuga…Indeed internet invention is causeless mercy of Doyal Nitai on us to get relish online dovine sanga of Shri Guru n Nitabhaktas…
please keep sharing incredible nectar n glories of Doyal Nitai as much as possible to prove ourselves as "para dukhe dukhi"in true sense.:pray::pray::rose::pray::pray:

(Anjali Gupta) #9

So true… Gurudeva telegram makes us feel homely and we get instant association and assistance of you and all Nitai Bhaktas :blush::pray:. No matter in which materialistic environment we are. Really telegram makes us more connected. :blush:Dandavat pranams to Shrila Gurudeva and Dandavat pranams to all Nitai Bhaktas :blush::pray:

(Nitairam das) #10

Thankyou Shrila Gurudev for revealing this confidential importance of telegram… I will be more active on telegram from now on…:pray:t2:… Joy Nitai…:raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:

(Yajnesvara das) #11

Kindly accept my obeisances at your feet Maharaj, and thank you for allowing me to participate in Nitaibhakta Sanga. We are all very fortunate that you started this sanga tohelp us all remember and associate with Doyal Nitai and His devotees

(nav) #12

Yes Maharaj great to see by Lord Nitai’s mercy your desire for internet sanga is strong. Really cannot think of nothing nicer than waves of nectar about Lord Nitai from Nitai Bhakts! thx