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Nitai Awards Svarupa to those in Madhurya Rasa

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

:hibiscus: We are not saying that Jahnava’s name does not have madhurya or that is speculation. It has without doubt and it contains all the pastimes and Radha Kund kunja of Ananga manjari in it. What we are saying is that not all souls may be in madhurya, so we all have to approach Nitai first who will then award us our rasa further. If we are in madhurya, Nitai will ask Jahanava to take us Rupa, Lalita and Radharani. But if we are in another rasa, then He may ask another of His associates to take us into that rasa of ours as Nitai knows the svarupa of each soul being the origin of every soul. So Nitai and Nitainam should be our first approach

:hibiscus: Madhurya rasa associates can also assist all souls in other rasas, but still Doyal Nitai may directly send those souls to one of His other specific associates in that specific rasa. Madhurya rasa is the most absorbing and such associates are always in deep smaran of their nityaseva.

:hibiscus: And also Nitai awards the svarupa to even those in madhurya rasa who may not be in the camp of Jahnava (Ananga), Rupa or Lalita directly. Like Srila Raghunath das who is in Vishakha’s camp, but he got Nitai’s mercy in Panihati.

:hibiscus: Even Radha’s camp has the eight subcamps of the Ashtasakhis. Nitai can send us to any of them. He is the one-stop-destination to go anywhere in the lila. And Jahnava mata also knows that very well.

:hibiscus: I have presented the correct understanding of Nitai Tattva to the world after years and years of deliberation in the shastra imbued with realization from all multifarious deep angles of vision. But they come in one minute and jump that this is right or not right and this is better. That is their enthusiasm and it is ok. But we have to see the overall picture and proceed one-pointedly with full knowledge, soberly and maturely covering all angles of vision from the shastras.