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🏆 My Humble Prayer for Devotees

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(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

:cry: Alas! Many lucky devotees who come to know about the confidential and esoteric sadhana of Nitainam Lekhan :point_up_2: to get instant Harinam Ruchi and Lila Smaran, are brushing it aside as unimportant :-1: and never trying it even once. :rocket: This is just like knowing about the instant flight to Goloka’s nitya-lila but running away from boarding it.:running_man:t6:
:pray:t3: May our Doyal Nitai soon grant them the intelligence to try it at least once with an open mind! :joy: May they all directly experience the ecstatic remembrance of the pastimes in the offenseless syllable-forms of Nitainam, and thus find instant relish in Harinam for themselves! :heart_eyes: Then they will do it with faith. :raised_hands: हरे कृष्ण! जय निताइ! Dandavats.
~ Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj

(Krishnaprasad das) #2

Very unfortunate… humbly request devotees to start experiencing the spiritual bliss by the most merciful process of Nitainaam vayulekhan :pray::pray::raised_hands::raised_hands: