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Morning Nam Smaran Sadhana

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

:blossom:Harinam CONSIDERS offenses.
Gauranam FORGIVES offenses.
Nitainam IGNORES offenses.

:blossom:Joy Nitai. Hare Krishna. We need mercy to chant Shuddha Harinam to attain Gaura Radha Krishna. And that comes by glorifying the rarest Nitainam.

:blossom: What to speak of going out :running_man: or even eating your breakfast, please try to complete at least one or two hours of Harinam, Nitai Gunjan, or Kirtan remembrance, before you even look at your phone in the morning or do anything else, otherwise destructive thoughts :thought_balloon: may overwhelm you at anytime without this FIRST preventive vaccination of Nam-smaran.

:blossom: Every day is a new opportunity to rise above our past failures. But if we don’t do our sadhana first thing in the morning, we lose that chance day after day. The mind is empty and moldable in the morning. So if we don’t fill it up with Nam-smaran first, before it becomes contaminated by wasteful thoughts, then it will be impossible to stop it from repeatedly drowning us in harmful thoughts and deeds throughout the day.