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Medicine for all diseases are Nitai Namakshara

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(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

Jay Nitai! Haribol! It is remarkable how the medicine for all diseases are Nitai Namakshara. After I described the glories of every syllable, every stroke to our Gujarati devotees, my fever is gone. Remarkable, so dayalu! I was meant to suffer for many months because of my sinful reactions. But, I was feeling a little feverish for few hours but then I started speaking about Nitai Nam Akshar, it’s gone. Today I am having a just the final after effects, the cough is coming out. Nothing to worry. May everyday I can glorify Nitai Nam Akshar for Hari Nam Ruchi. That is our life! Today is Ekadashi so can’t take honey and can’t take haldi but we have the Banka Ray Kaada- The Blackish Kaada always works for me. Suddenly the weather has changed and it has become quite colder here in Radhakund, so many devotees got some throat infection. You have to be vey careful when you sleep in Vraja in the night. One has to cover once mouth and once throat. The cold here aggravates your tonsils etc. So, how merciful is Nitaichand. In our whole samaj Hari Nam Ruchi we have only one laptop, proper laptop, mine- MacBook and that has also has gone for repair, so I am free to write and record.

Jaya Radhe jaya Krishna jaya Radhakund -2

Eagerly waiting for today’s Nitya leela Madhayana leela 10:48. Those gopis who stay in Radhakund they count every second, is like years for them till the next Madhayana Leela.