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Manjaris seek the mercy of Nitai Transcription

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(Prashant Aggarwal) #1


Nitai!! Lord said “I can’t repay you my dear Gopis , let your sewa be your reward” because the sewa(Service) of the Gopis is the highest . The sewa sukh, the happiness they are getting that is highest .
Tabe na Dekhi gopi nij deha preet
sei ho to krsnera lagi janiye nischit .

Even then you see the Gopis are decorating themselves they, are doing nice sringar they are decorating themselves with flowers , with nice ornaments their decoration is not because of bodily consciousness. The Gopis are decorating themselves simply to give happiness to Krishna . Their every action is completely selfless, when they are putting a bindu on their forehead they think that how will Krishna relish this , how will Krishna become happy by seeing it . When they are putting some necklace they think Krishna’s beauty will be reflected in my necklace . Krishna will become happy . I have to dress properly, I have to give happiness to Krishna . So sometimes pure devotees you see them externally acting, but you should understand that all their activities are meant only for Krishna’s happiness. I told that pastime, I think before you came before kartik of Gaur Kishore Das Babaji .Once somebody gave him some money, Babaji Maharaj kept the money here(in his upper pocket maybe*) and He became almost blind. Babaji Maharaj was eating the mud of ganga and chanting . So after he kept the money here every 10, 15 mins Babaji was checking the money whether the money is there or not . So the person who gave the money had doubt He says Babaji

Meanwhile bhoga offering in ashram - Nitaipresthji said “we offer the bhoga traditionally in Gaudiya Mat style don’t offer the bhoga Krishna standing, Krishna sitting and eating aram se doing achaman ,argayam ,padyam ,achmaniyam and all these things”

Nitaipresthji continues - So Gaur Kishore Das Babaji was checking the money and the donor thought, oh! this babaji is so much attached to Lakshmi he is checking every 10 15 mins ,but when he left he lost his faith. Babaji said oh now this is the Kartik time, its a cold time there are some very Good Sadhus in Brajmandal, in Radhakund. I want to send some kambals for them immediately take this Lakshmi go, go and send them to Braj for the kambal for getting warm clothing.

He was attached to that Lakshmi for Krishna sewa ,for vaishnava sewa not for his own self he was worrying about the vaishnavas . So externally we can’t judge , the Gopis is may be decorating their bodies very nicely but that is only for Krishna sewa .

Ei deho karino Ami Krishna samrpan ,tar dhan tar eiha sambhog sadhan .
This body we are giving it to Krishna, SAMPARPAN .

Manasa, deho, geho, jo kichu mor
arpilu tuwa pade, nanda-kisor!

Gopi said that our bodies is of Krishna’s body, it is meant for Krishna let him do whatever he wants .
TAR DHAN we are his wealths and We are the forms to give him enjoyment, we are meant for his enjoyment. Completely Surrender to Krishna we are his DHAN we are his treasure we are Krishna’s treasure .

dhana mora nityānanda, pati mora gauracandra
prāṇa mora yugala kiśora
advaita ācārya bala, gadādhara mora kula,
narahari vilasai mora
Dhan Mora nityananda ram
(Swa-nistha Song 1, Narottama Dasa Thakura)

Narottam bado dukhi Nitai more karo sukhi
Narottam bado dukhi Nitai more karo sukhi
Rakho ranga charanera pash
(Nitai pada kamala, Narottama Dasa Thakura)

When I chant the glories of nityananda I comes in some other bhav . I like it very much , 24 hours somebody comes to me and say speaks something about nityananda I m always ready .
Nityananda mahima varanen haila avesh ,chaitanyera shesh lila rehila avshesh.
Vrindavan Das Thakur got so much ecstatic while describing the glories of Nityananda Prabhu that he didn’t described the Nilachal Lila in details that’s why Krsnadas Kaviraj Goswami wrote this Chaitanya Charitamrita . Shri Chaitanya Charitamrita ki jay .


Devotee’s Questions - ***** Something about Nityananda Prabhu ******

Nitaipresthji - In the beginning every jiva has to approach Nityananda, please him . sei sambandh nahi jaar , sambandh gyan is given by Nityananda and when the jiva becomes mature and fructified by Nityanada’s mercy ar kabe Nitaichand Karuna haibe samsar vasna mor kabe touch habe . when all the material desires finish by mercy of Nityananda then we can develop attraction for our isht dev, means if you are under Radhika’s group at that stage Nityanada hands us over to Radhika or to Anang Manjari and if we are in sakhya bhav then Nityananda prabhu himself take charge of us, so but Nityananda bhajan is very important, every jiva has to do Nityananda bhajan . Without Nityananda heno Nitai Nina Bhai Radha Krishna paite nahi Narottam das thakur, chamak manjari he himself a manjari but he says that without Nitai you can’t get Radha Krishna. Dradh kori dharo Nitaiyer paya, Nitai Karuna habe braje Radha Krishna pabe . All the Goswamis have attained Radha Krishna because of Nityananda. Raghunath Das Goswami made the panihati chida dahi mahotsav to please Nityananda and his associates then Nityananda said you will atain Gaur Chandra and he attained RadhaKund dham by the mercy of Nityananda. Jiva Goswami came here in RadhaKund after when the Nityananda took Jiva Goswami to navadip dham parikrma . All the goswamis Roop Sanatan ,all our acharya Krsnadas Kaviraj Goswami himself he got the mercy of Nityananda to come to Braj bhumi even madhurya. So all the madhuraya rasik manjaris even the manjaris and the sakhis when they came In gaur Lila they have sort the mercy of Nityananda .so it is not that those who are in madhurya rasa shouldn’t worship Nityananda, it is an illusion without Nityananda one can’t understand Radha Krishna.

A bengali devotee speaks - Chaitanya bhagwate Vrndavan Das Thakur boliche

ye bhakti gopika-ganera kahe bhagavate
ekla nityananda haite taha paila jagate

Nitaipresthji - Yes , It is said in Chaitanya Bhagwat that the love of the Gopis that is found in Vrndavan that love is manifested only by Nityananda he is manifesting it even. In Anant samhita it is said by the mercy of Nityananda you get the mercy of Gauranga, by the mercy of Gauranga you get mercy of Gopis, and by mercy of Gopis you get mercy of Radha and Krishna.


Devotee Question: Which granth is anant samhita?

Anant samhita is a part of atharv Veda written by Veda vyas himself. Bhakti Vinod Thakur quoted that in Nawadvip Dham Mahatamya, pramaan khand in original Sanskrit verses it explains the glories of anant dev with his thousand of heads . Anant dev doing bhaJana in Braj for 1 kalpa = 8.64 billion years but he didn’t attain Radha Krishna, then the lord Hari appeared to him and said if you want to attain Radha Krishna you go to Navadwip . So anantdeva went to Navadwipa and in Navadwipa In 10k years he saw Radha Krishna see!. There is one verse which says

koti koti varshe kari shri Krishna bhajan, thatapi name te rati na paye durjan.
Gauranga bhajile dusht bhav dure jaye, svalp dine Braj dham Radha Krishna paye .

Without worshipping Nitai Gaur, it will take you koti koti varsh( Million and million of years)

But if you do Gaur bhajan then very few days , svalp dine Braj dham Radha Krishna paye . Very few days you will get Vraj Dham . Not just staying in Vraj dham with this body you will enter into Braj dham with your sidda deha that is what we want, svalp dine braj dham and why (by gaur bhajan svalp dine ) in the next line it is said .

Nij siddha deha paye sakhi re ashraye ,nij kunj paye jaha yugal seva tar haye.

By Gauranga bhajan you will get your own kunja in RadhaKund . Who wants your own kunja ?Bhagwati is building a house, but that is not a kunja. Our actual kunja is actually full of trees, creepers. But ofcourse when we stay here then slowly slowly we develop our realization of kunja sometimes when I sit in my room while chanting and I open my eyes and all these cements and tiles all these things they disappear and I feel I m sitting in the kunja . this is the kunja , so we have to do vaas(residing) here first . When we do RadhaKund vaas then we will understand that we are sitting in the kunja .

Sakal sadhan vihin haiya he nar kare yadi navadip van maje ghar

Dhamera vicitra shakti hata tahare Radha Krishna raas utsave rati dite pare .

If you don’t do any sadhan bhakti you can’t chant the holy name, you can’t do sankirtan you can’t offer bhoga, you can’t do sadhu sanga, then make a house in nawadwip . Because you make a house in nawadwip , nawadwip will pull you into the raas Lila . (Nitaipresthji emphasizes on this point).

Dhamera vicitra shakti hatata tahare , forcibly hatat means, Radhakant raas utsave rati dete pare . So I made first our house in nawadwip then I came here (RadhaKund) , we have a beautiful ashram in Chandrasekhar palli opposite to Chaitanya Mat where gauranga danced in the house of Chandershekar Acharya . Very beautiful place, very peaceful all vaishnava are there ,Bon maharaj is there all vaishnava is surrounding our ashram. Small place

Devotee Question:- **** Some question on pandavas**** (Why Pandavas can’t get Madhuraya Rasa)

The pandavas can’t attain madhhurya means they can’t get qualification to touch Radha Krishna and to dance with them . They can’t attain gopi bhav so maximum what the pandavas could attain is Shaant Rasa in RadhaKund . Atlaest in the form of trees they can see radharani coming to take bath , radharani comes and take bath at 12’o Clock. The Pandavas are watching that Lila they are just next to Manas Pavan Ghat and Panch Pandav Ghat so very close , So the 5 Pandavas are showering the flowers when Radikha comes and they are seeing the divine bathing of Radhika with her sakhis. Radharani is talking with her sakhi gosthendra about Krishna pandavas are hearing all this very very lucky .

Devotee Question - ********************************

Nitaipresthji - Sarva sastra Saar sarva smaran Saar.
There is one verse narottam das thakur says I like it very much I sing it during the kirtan he says

narottama-dāsa koy nitya-līlā sukha-moy sadāi sphurūk mora mane (Song Vrndavana Ramya Sthana)

Narottam das praying to Krishna in nitya Lila my dear lord I only want one thing that the nitya Lila will always manifest In my heart , my mind . Let me think what is Krishna doing , now 9:15 he is having his prasadam in the assembly of Nand Bhavan . Radharani is watching secretly near the kitchen looking Krishna is eating .

Radhika dui gan heri Nayanera kane tript hoye khaye Krishna yashoda bhavane .

RadhaRani is looking side long glance Krishna is eating , this is all the Lila going on right now so we have always churn the nectar of Nitya Lila the more deeper we are going in Nitya Lila we will lose the desire to enjoy ourselves . we will always be thinking about Krsna.

Devotee Question - What is more powerful the power the sweetness of smaran or the power of holy name?

Nitaipresthji - Shrila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur, my paramgurudev used to say that kirtan prabhave samaran sambhav uchh kari karo tomi harinam rav very beautiful Bengali which means that the smaran(Rememberance) that happens during kirtan is the highest of all smaran . During kirtan the rememberance which you will do that smaran will make you remember Krishna throughout the day . So its very imp that the smaran should come with kirtan if you leave kirtan, if you give up kirtan and you try to do only smaran sitting in a solitary place then that smaran will not take you, that smaran will not be deep .So kirtan is actually the highest smaran thats why Mahaprabhu you see throughout the day used to dance and sing , throughout the day . In Chaitanya Charitamrita you will see it throughout the day and night. Even in the night Ramanand Raya, Swarup Damodar use to sing and Mahaprabhu use to hear. So hearing kirtan kirtan smiriti sarv Shresth haye . I think Jiva Goswami write in a commentary he says kirtan sphruti is the highest sphruti smaran. So there is no contradiction everyone has to develop smaran via kirtan and then we are absorbed in kirtan then throughout the day we will remember Krsna. Actually the goal is to Do the kirtan whole day and whole night but nobody has that taste .

We don’t have that taste so we do some sankirtan, we do some shravan and smaran . And we try to meditate on the Lila even I personally when I do sankirtan with devotees I realize even higher realization then when I do japa myself . So that’s why it is said if nobody is there you can do kirtan by clapping your hands .

Devotee question/ comment - On your website it is written that Bhakti Vinod Thakur came in your dreams???

I don’t want to talk about that , its very high I mean little private . I just wrote it on one of the naam cards but I can tell you that when I took sannyas I came across this book Nawadvip Dham Mahatamya when I was reading it I got that revealation, inspiration to give my life to spreading Gaur Naam Gaur Tattva Nitai Gaur Tattva so I took sannyas thank you any other question.

Devotee Question - You were telling about love and lust so if we get lusty desires what to do?

Nitaipresthji - If you get lusty desires very easy you come before deities of Krishna and look at Krishna’s eye brow and if you look at Krishna’s eye brow then all the lust will go away … Just finished…in one moment . Or you look at his lotus feet meditate on the symbols of his lotus feet , 19 symbols all your lust will go away . Think about Krishna and if you still feel lusty then you go to the terrace and loudly chant the name HARE KRSNA HARE KRSNA KRSNA KRSNA HARE HARE HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE, NITYANANDA ,GAURANGA . All the lust will go away , when you chant loudly all the lust will go away from your heart loudly veru loudly . Its not my saying swami Prabhupad told giriraj maharaj (A sannyasi disciple of HDG Shrila Prabhupad) , you chant loudly.

Devotee - You may also seek for the shelter of the saints and goswamis…

Nitaipresthji - Yes chant their names also o Haridas protect me ,o srinivas, o srivas, o raghunath protect me. When you chant the name of our acharyas that is even more powerful . There Is a verse, I m not saying it as per my speculation its in Chaitanya sathak there is one verse which says that the name of devotees is more powerful than Krishna’s name , their Lila’s . Calling them because they are like very dayalu very merciful Krishna is busy in his Lila but pure devotees are always you know ready to come anytime we call them GURUDEVAAAA pls help me pls help me I want to follow but my mind is going here and there . But we need sincerity for that if we have sincerity then only we can call our acharyas .

Nitaipresthji speaks about next day festival i.e. Bahula Asthmi.

So tomorrow is Radhakund Asthmi or Bahula Asthmi according to the Vrajwasis , tomorrow midnight is the snan here and I explained yesterday night that you can take 3 snan one snan Is tomorrow night ( bahula astmi ) at 1 or 2’o Clock, when RadhaKund is empty next snan you can take day after tomorrow morning if you want to take because 1 snan on Bahula asthmi is equal to million of snan on any other day .Bahula asthmi RadhaKund Asthmi is appearance day of Radhika . Lord Shiva write in Radha Krpa Kataksh Stotra ita very pleasing so on Bahula asthmi as many snans you can take is not enough. You can bath, so one snan In night then the Vrajwasis are saying that the asthmi get over 3 pm on 27th evening 3 pm so you can take one snan In the morning and according to our gaudiyas asthmi is actually day after tommorows night 27th night that is Bahula asthmi so you can take snan all the time. Bahula astmi is also on 28 atleast 3 snan , our Raghunath Das Goswami is used to do 3 snans everyday in the 3 sandhayas of the day at least we can take 3 snans on Bahula asthmi that will be nice . So tomorrow 4:30 Devaki Pran has also invited us for deep daan. So please join that is for 1 and a half hour. We will do Naam Kirtan on RadhaKund and he lights lot of lamps lots of lamps ghee lamps . He is my friend from before brahmchari time. He is doing lot of deep daan tomorrow 4 30 to 6 so I don’t know wheter tomorrow’s evening katha will start will start at 6 or something . Lot of devotees are also coming tomorrow morning. Tomorrow our ashram will be full but this time I have taken vrat not to leave RadhaKund for this month of Kartik. I will not even go to Nandgaon Barsana and with devotees as well. Devotees go for yatra they will be going tomorrow .

Thank You Very Much

(Prashant Aggarwal) #2

Please Forgive me Nitaipresthji and the nitaisevaks for any mistakes done .

(Madhavendra Puri Dasa) #3

This is the point.

“When I chant the glories of Nityananda, I come in some other bhav.”

(Vasudha Nitai dasi) #4

Such a wonderful sewa of transcription. Thankyou @prashant prabhuji. Joy Nitai!