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Mahaprabhu entrusts nitai with the task of distributing ujjwala prema rasa

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1


Nitai Tweets (@Nitai_Sevika)

:tulip: Doyal Prabhu Nityanandaaaaaa!
Nitai guna mani amar! Nitai guna mani!

:tulip: Our limitations may be uncountable, but Nitai’s mercy is unlimited. Nothing is impossible. Nitai can empower us to do ANYTHING in His service

:tulip: Gauranga confidentially instructed Raghav Pandit dt faithfully serving Nitai with deference is the foremost way of rendering devotion to Him

:tulip: Krsna is conquered by devotional service and Nitai is the proprietor of that wealth. Gauranga says, murtimanta tumi krsna prembhakti dhana!

:tulip:Prabhupada said those who give themselves to others are called magnanimous. By this definition, Doyal Nitai is the epitome of magnanimity.

:tulip:Abhiman-shunya means Nitai has given up everything, including His suddha ahankar as the Supreme Lord, only for the sake of our deliverance.

:tulip: Nitai is advocating for our enjoyment, so dt we may come back to our original state of eternal blissfulness. He wants us to attain perfection

:tulip: Every single lila of Nitai is intertwined with the feature of somehow giving mercy to the souls of this material world. Every single lila.

:tulip: The task to distribute the rare ujjwala rasa prema which Mahaprabhu came to give this world was entrusted to Sriman Nityananda Prabhu.

:tulip: Gaur relishes internal lilas,but Nitai’s only ananda is in picking up rejected souls & taking them to Gaurkrsna. All His attention is on us!

:tulip: How much attention we should give to the Lord who is sacrificing everything, even the sanga of His Praner Gauranga, just to deliver us souls

:tulip: Nitai’s associates who were sakhas in Krsnalila, by His grace were able to relish the moods of Radhaprem & worship RadhaGovinda in Gaurlila

:tulip: Champak Manjari (NDT) writes the song Nitai padakamala because manjaris are truly aware of how these lotus feet grant one Radha’s nityasewa

:tulip: Jaya Rohini Nandan! This name is extremely dear to Gauranga and He often addresses His beloved Nitai by this name,as seen in Caitanya Mangal