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Magic of Nitai Rupa in Nitainam

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

:hibiscus::ear_of_rice:The Magic of Nitai Rupa in Nitainam :ear_of_rice::hibiscus:

Nityananda Prabhu is so beautiful that even His beauty acts as a powerful weapon to deliver fallen souls. No one can maintain their material madness after once setting their eyes on Nitaisundar! All His features are imbued with love for Gauranga Krishna - the most attractive thing in this creation (prema), so that devotion further enhances His beauty exponentially at every moment. It is inconceivable.

The chastity of the chastest of women begins to falter upon seeing the movement of Nitai’s eyebrows, which seem to be ecstatically dancing in Gaur prema. This is why Krishnadas Kaviraj Goswami has given Nitai the name Kamini gana mana mohitam in His Nityanandashtaka. Nitai does magic with His beauty. He initiated many souls into the path of Krishna bhakti simply by going before them. Abhiman shunya Nitai nagare beray.

But now that Nitai is not here personally, does that mean the magic is over? No! Name Nityananda Tumi rupe Nityananda! There is no difference between the Name and form of Sri Nitaichandra. His name will now perform that same astonishing feat!

Indeed Nitai’s holy name reveals Nitai’s beauty to an even greater depth because it also instills one with unique realizations of His exquisite form. Since Nitai’s incomparable beauty is increasing infinitely at every single moment, it is virtually impossible for us finite souls to catch up in the race of appreciating that unlimited, ever-increasing beauty. We can barely properly absorb a drop of that beauty with our thirsty eyes. But if we take the aid of something which is also infinite, then we have some possibility of adequately relishing this sweet phenomenon of ever-increasing beauty. That infinite source, our hope, is Nitainam. Nitai is infinite, Nitainam is also infinite. So infinite can reveal the infinite. More than we can realize by even seeing Nitai directly, we can realize via Nitainam. Astonishing isn’t it? This is why we are doing Nitainam Lekhan to depend on Nitainam to reveal Nitai Swarupa.

Just imagine when Nitai’s form will be appear before us while doing Nitainam Lekhan, it will be such a soul-stirring experience! It is the equivalent to seeing Nitai face to face, except with a deeper impact. So never stop doing Nitainam Lekhan if you want to behold that maddening beauty of Nitaisundar with your inner eye!

Nitaisevak ganer seva abhilashi,
Nitaisevika dasi

(Markandeyarishi Das) #2

Joy NitAi miracles happens all the times over and over again