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Lifetime Launch of the Offline Nitai Veda eBook 1.0

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

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जय निताइ! हरे कृष्ण! Joy Guruvarg! As promised, our Nitai Veda MARATHON has completed in Nitaidham Ekachakra tonight on Ram Navami with great bliss and jubilation. We are launching the 3160-page Nitai Veda 1.0 with 30 cantos today as our humble offering to Lord Nitai Ram.

None of the content in the Nitai Veda has been accurately edited for English grammar, etc. That will be done in future versions. Please forgive us for that. We were just so anxious to quickly collect all the scattered content on Nitai Bhakti so far and present to you.

We are eternally indebted to all the authors in the Nitai Veda like our Nitaimani das, Nitaisevika dasi, Nityanandi dasi, and our other Nitaibhakts whose essays and writings on our Community and on Telegram will be added in the later versions of the Nitai Veda.

I am eternally obliged to our Adwaitseva das and Nitaiseva das who came to Ekachakra, leaving aside everything else, just to help me complete the Nitai Veda 1.0. And to our manager Nitai das and Nitaimani das and Jahnavi dasi who sent them and arranged everything from Delhi. Last but not the least, to our Mani-manjari dasi and Shyamananda das who tireless and non-stop seva in cooking, serving, and construction helped us not to go hungry during our Nitai Veda Marathon.

And finally, to all of you Nitaivayulekhaks, Nitaibhakts, Nitaidanis, Nitaisevaks, Nitaiesevaks, etc. who inspired us to take up and complete this mammoth task.

As they say, the most impossible achievement becomes very easy to attain simply by Nitai’s mercy in Nitaidham!

I humbly request all each and everyone of our Nitaibhakts to please DOWNLOAD the 3 MB 3160-page Nitai Veda from and open it on their phones in the Gitden Android app from or in the iBooks iPhone app AND PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

If even our own Nitaibhakts don’t read it on their phones, then how can we expect the world to do so and get the causeless mercy of our Lord Nitai?

This single HOLY GRANTH is the best compilation in the world on Nitai’s Glories till now and will completely purify your phone and Nitai’s mercy will come showering on you by this simple effort.

Eagerly waiting for your feedback,

निताइ Vayulekhak daso’smi,
Nitaipreshthji Bhaktiratna Sadhu.

PS. Gitden Reader shows NItai Veda is a much more compact manner than Google Play Books so please install Gitden Reader only. And those who have not done so, please sign up here on our Community ASAP.

(Mohit Kumar) #2

Jaya Guruvarga! Thank you so much Nitaipresthiji! This book will like a cres tjewel all scriptures filled with so much mercy because it relates to Lord Nitai! The categories all look so attractive, and I can’t wait to see it finished! Jaya Guru Parampara! Jaya Bhaktivinoda Thakura! Jaya Gurudeva!

(Manjari dasi) #3

Joy Joy Nitaaai… Thank you so much Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva for this wonderful Nitai veda… It will be our saviour… as all the books are at one place now. One need not wait and search everywhere to get Nitaai… Nitaaaaibol

(Nitairam das) #4

Jaya jaya… All glories to Shrila Nitaipreshthji and all the exalted nitaisevaks who did very tough work in making this precious veda… This nitaiveda will help many souls to advance in bhakti… This is really very attractive and beautiful and of size 2.77 mb(which every one can easily download)… “Chota packet bada dhamaka”.