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Is Nitai the ONLY ONE to grant Radha dasyam?

(Radhasakhi dasi) #1

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@Nitaipreshthji :
I had written in our presently utterly unqualified condition.
Radharani and Her sakhis and manjaris bestow Radha dasyam only to those who have already become offenseless and self-realized never to fallen souls. Whereas Nitai awards it to the unqualified too.


Yes. The factor is not who “can” bestow it, it is who “will” bestow it and that is ONLY NITAI!

Tried to explain this in the first intro of Nitai Bestows Radha Dasyam

Gauranga will not give this Radha Dasyam to the fallen constant offenders like us…that only Nitai will do. And once we have Nitai, Gaur Radha Krishna are in our fists

@Radhasakhidasi :
The problem is some people are not willing to accept their unqualified nature
Maybe they are qualified…

@Nimaidas :
If you think you are fit for Radha’s service, you are probably not. :pray:

If you think you are not fit for Radha’s service, you are on a good way to become.

@Nitaipreshthji :
Are they fully free from material desires? Vishaya-chadiya shuddha habe mana, kabe ham heribo shri vrindavan. aparadha shunya haaiya laya krishna nam, tabe to krishna prem mile aviram!

It is not just about giving instructions and writing books. Nitai believes in action. Nitai quickly purifies us of all material desires by giving us the highest happiness even in our fallen state and then holds our finger and hands us over to Ananga Manjari and Rupa Manjari even in our unqualified stage and they have to accept us because we come from Nitai. They can’t refuse if Nitai sends us after quickly purifying us. But they will never directly let us into the lila until we are totally free of material desires as they are under Radharani, who has to maintain the highest standards to please Krishna. That is why all even the nitya-siddha manjaris including Rupa, Santana, Raghunath, Bhatta, and Jiva have attained Radha Dasyam only through Nitai. Anyone who still wants to approach the Goswami Manjaris directly is a fool!

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #2

Questions answered above. जय निताइ! हरे कृष्ण! Jai Guruvarg!