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Humility, false ego and nitainam

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

Nitai Tweets (@Nitai_Sevika)

:ear_of_rice: Humility is easily expressed but felt with great difficulty. However, Nitainam makes this humility so pure and deep-it becomes inexpressible

:ear_of_rice:Even though Nitai is the topmost servant of Sri Gaur Krsna, Sevak Bhagwan Himself, He leaves not a single chance to menially serve devotees!

:ear_of_rice:Humility awakens by the association of the genuinely humble. Nitai is most humble. By doing Nitai sanga via Nitainam Lekhan we become humble

:ear_of_rice:We are ahankar-dambha shiromani and Nitai is abhimana shunya. Therefore without Nitai there is no hope of ever becoming trinad api sunichena

:ear_of_rice:Just as fire is extinguished by water, envy is obliterated by service. That service comes only by the grace of Nitai -sarva sevya kalevarah!

:ear_of_rice:It is Haladhar who smashes our self-dooming false ego to bits with His club and weeds out the root of our envious mentality with His plow.