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(Madhavendra Puri Dasa) #1

There is wealth of Essays on different Topics here.
How do I read a post made some time ago?
I always read all the comments first!
Why? It seems backwards. You don’t know what the commentators are referring to in the original post!
Well, I do because:

  1. The comments are usually short, expressing the feelings of the commentator, the gratitude, why this post is important, if there is any basic information missing in the post, questions etc.
  2. Besides giving me valuable information quickly about the original post, the comments prepare me for reading the original post in a favorable mood. In other words they offer me a chance to be part of the sanga
  3. When I later read the post (or hear the audio or view the video) the comments will highlight some things for me, that I could miss otherwise.
  4. When I read the original post and really like something (and I am looking for the like-button) then I might remember that a commentator already expressed that liking or feeling. That will again help me to feel part of the sanga while reading the original post. This is my sanga! (or I feel the lack of oneness with this family
  5. When I read the original post and want to make a comment, an original contribution to this Topic, I will remember if someone already made a similar comment. That will create a connection with that commentator :grinning: already when reading the original post.
  6. If I on the other hand read the original post first, neglecting the comments, then it is very likely that I will feel lonely, and this is biggest obstacle in devotee internet communities. The A of the ABC is a preliminary faith and the B is sanga. Maybe it is appropriate to use Madhurya kadambini’s explanation:
    A. First you come in contact with Bhakti - sraddha. A Vaishnava who gives you the preliminary faith (the faith that he or she wants to offer me something valuable): The title of the original post, the authors name.
    B. You enter the sanga that is cultivating that valuable commodity (harinama etc.): The comments of the original post.
    C. You connect with that Vaishnava and ask for his permission, his grace: The original post.
  7. Furthermore by neglecting the comments, there is a certain risk I will continue to neglect them after reading the original post ( being too much absorbed in the original post :nerd_face: or absorbed in my misunderstanding of it :sunglasses:).
    Nitai! :heart:

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #2

What an unique way to associate dear @Madpuri! You have always been very deep and thoughtful in your realizations and perceptions. जय निताइ! हरे कृष्ण! Jai Guruvarg!