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How to get Srimati Radhika

(Markandeyarishi Das) #1

Simply stunning. …How to get Srimati Radhika

B.R Sridhar Maharaj-
-(Source: Chapter Twelve: Every Word is a Song, Sermons from the Guardian of Devotion Vol. 1)-

-What will get us into the realm of Radha Krishna’s conjugal love is not qualification, what can be the “qualification” to witness such high pastimes- it is only mercy which enables us to enter into that realm. And Nitai is the last limit of causeless, unconditional mercy.

“There is no limit to the mercy of Nitai, you cannot find out the limit. If there would have been some limit to His mercy, then the last limit is Nityananda!"
~Gour Govinda Swami

At the present age when committing offenses has become unavoidable and pure love has become practically unattainable, Nitai has made His heroic entry!

ye bhakti gopika-ganera kahe bhagavate nityananda haite taha paila jagate

“The devotion of the gopis described in Srimad Bhagavatam was awarded to the people of the world by Nityananda.” (CB Antya 5.303)

Nitai is so causelessly merciful that He is distributing this most hidden treasure of all time not to just one or two souls, but the whole world (nityananda hoite taha paila jagate)! One may ask, what is their qualification? The answer is very simple, Nitai’s mercy IS the qualification. Gauranga will only distribute the fruits of His divine conjugal love to those who are graced by the causeless mercy of Nitaichand. This is the ultimate qualification. In fact Gauranga has Himself proclaimed Nitai as the proprietor of His mercy. Gauranga always gives all His mercy only through Nityananda, and it is through Nityananda that all His actions are performed.

amara sakala karma-nityananda-dvare akapate ei ami kahila tomare
(CB Antya 1.103)

"I tell you frankly that all My activities are performed through Nityananda.”

Nitai is perpetually maddened and engulfed in the ambrosial of Gaur Krishna prem. When one is overly intoxicated, the tendency to judge completely wears off. (uttama adhama kichu na kare vichaar) So Nitai is in that state. Intoxicated with Gaur prem. This Gaur prem is gushing out of His lotus eyes incessantly in the form of tears, just like a waterfall of uncontrolled compassion. Only when Nitaichandra will wash our filthy hearts with His pearl-like tears, will Gaurhari appear in our heart. Only then will we be able to peer into Gauranga’s heart and see the divine conjugal pastimes of Sri Sri Radha Krishna. Gaur’s pastimes are encapsulated within Nitai’s heart and Radha Krishna’s pastimes are locked in Gaur’s heart. Therefore Nitai’s heart is the transcendental abode of Gaur Radha Krishna’s pastimes and He is the sole transparent medium for all souls to see them. Gaur Radha Krishna are forced to appear where Nitaichandra is present.

“Nityananda Prabhu is our only hope, He is so benevolent, so generous, so gracious, that very easily we can draw his attention and we can get his recommendation. Gaurangadeva will not be able to disregard his recommendation, and when we have got the grace of Gauranga then the Radha-Krsna lila is within our fists. Nityananda Prabhus grace means to get Mahaprabhu’s grace within our clutches and to get Mahaprabhu, means to get Radha-Govinda, Vrndavana, and then everything is within our fists.”

-B.R Sridhar Maharaj