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How do we please Nitai on Ekadasi?

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(Nitai Prasad das) #1

All glories to Nityananda! All Glories to Gauranga! All glories to those followers of Rupa Goswami and the rest of the guruvarga! All glories to Nitaipreshthji Shrila Bhaktiratna Sadhu Swami Gaurangapada! I offer my humble obeisances to all the Nitai-sevakas.

Dear Gurudeva,

The importance of observing Ekadasi can not be overstated enough. Lord Gauranga asked of his mother to please observe Ekadasi and fast from grains. The Lord even instructed Sanatana Goswami to properly explain the observance of Ekadasi.

As I am completely bereft of any good qualities, I have never fully observed Ekadasi in a manner which is pleasing to the Lord. Thus, I have to suffer the sins of killing trillions of Brahmanas, mothers, fathers and brothers. Any pious activity I have ever completed by chance, has had it’s reaction completely trounced by my lack of proper observance of this day so dear to our Lord.

I previously asked what was the most potent Sadhya and Sadhana for this age, and you kindly elaborated that Lord Nitai only grants Kripa-Siddhi because we will never be qualified for anything else. Then you mercifully gave us the most potent 3 Kripa-Siddha practices for a fallen wretch like myself.

Oh Gurudeva! Please give proper guidance to me! How can I follow Ekadasi to please Nitai the most?

  • When does observance of Ekadasi begin? The day before, or the day of?
  • What foodstuffs should be taken and what should be completely avoided for pleasing Nitai?
  • How and when should I break my fast?
  • Should the advanced Nitai-sevaka observe Ekadasi differently than the Neophyte Nitai-sevaka?

What is the complete process for observing Ekadasi to please Lord Nitai?

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #2

You can know everything about Ekadashi from the vast resources of the Nitaai Veda at: