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How and Why Nitai is more merciful Lord of fallen than Gauranga

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(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

(Hem Gauranga das) #2

Our innermost desires will not b fulfilled till the day when we will see Niati face to face…Our real life will begin from that day …Shrila GUrudeva…

(Vasudha Nitai dasi) #3

Thankyou very much for sending this video. Started listening … kathas on Nitai glories by Shrila Gurudev makes one so joyful … the way Shrila Gurudev brings so many pastimes, verses and establishes the supreme truth and secrets …its beautiful! :ok_hand:

(Jahnava Nitai dasi) #4

Dandavat to your lotus feet dearest Gurudev. Indescribable this katha is… Soo deep and heartfelt explanations you have given. My heart was like struck while hearing your grave explanations on the pastimes. Such intensity oh Lord, in the verses you spoke about. My heart is swelled with pride and gratitude for you and Doyal Nitai, after hearing your katha. I just loved the verse tumi mora prabhu nitya ami tava das tomara charan chhaya ek maatra aash. This verse is closest to my heart. And I actually feel that by your mercy even if we impliment a fraction of this in our life, which is also possible by your mercy completely, there is revolution like the living goes topsy turvy, life takes a completely beautifuuuul edge and at every step you are just awestuck how Nitai has taken full charge of the minutest aspect of your life. All the misconceptions appear faded… And just by showing Nitai that we are yours, n you are our hriday raj, tomar charan chhaya ek matra aash. Nitai makes you His everything. Unbelievable! When Krishna is ready to take full care of everything for a soul who surrenders fully then what extent Nitai can go, He is even ready to sell Himself for the most fallen soul running away from Him. On hearing your explainations, my humble prayer :pray: to you is that please bless me that I can fully imbibe both the verses you mentioned this and Vrindavan das Thakur, my whole life and life after life. I am very fallen like too much filthy cannot express in appropriate english words :see_no_evil: But please bless me that I can be of some worth in seva to you :pray:

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #5

Oh thank you dear daughter for writing so nicely about your wonderful realizations in shravanam. Very heart-moving.

(shijar) #6

thank you Adwaitseva das for putting the Video in esanga :pray: a most enjoyable and fast hour has gone…todays best invested hour :slight_smile: thanks and pranams to all the Nitai Bhaktas who are like rising suns in this dark Kali Yuga :pray: the people who sat there and listened to the katha must be very fortunate and great souls. And in the last minutes when Guruji talked about adwaitseva das how he takes all the sewa it reminded me of a story where Sita, Lakshman and Bharat were angry because Hanuman takes all the sewa and they did a shedule where Hanuman wasnt mentioned but Hanuman tricked them :grin: Jay Nitai

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #7

Thank you dear Shijar. You are right. It was truly memorable for all us assembled there. I did not want to let anyone of them go. Felt so close with everyone.

And you are truly right. If our @Adwaitsevadas was not there with us, we would not even have made 10% of the prachar progress we have made in the last few months. editing and uploading videos, shipping in time, talking on phone to each and every devotee, driving them, taking them on parikrama, arranging for drinking water and rations, paying bills, sending receipts, following up with all the devotees, getting what I want for seva, the list goes on and on… He is our real HERO and I want to also go on the field for sharing ONLY on his strength.

(adwaitsevadas) #8

Oh Gurudev!! You are everything !! You are my strength! You are my energy! You are my only motivation and inspiration. I am an eternal offender who always commits innumerable offences at your lotus feets and then also you always engage me in some useful Nitai sevas…without you i am totally worthless :pray::pray::sob::

(Vasudha Nitai dasi) #9

Mmarkhandeya Rishi das prabhuji and Nityananda Praneshvari devi dasi mataji :

Maharaja is very unique in many many many ways ready to imbrace and share truly Nitya nectarines to all…lucky to have his SADHU SANGA and simultaneously very fortunate…Joy Nitai mercy miracles flows freely as Mandakini river !

Nitaaaaiiiiiii!!! Just heard half of this super magnificent katha and already feel overhwmened by mercy. This katha has actually come at the best timing possible because Raghunath das Goswami recieved the highest mercy by the touch of Nitai’s lotus feet only!

Every katha which is coming from Ekachakra Dham is so so so indescribably beautiful, the only word I can think of to describe it’s effect is ‘entrancing.’ In the beginning, Nitaipreshthji reveals very deep, esoteric meanings of each word in the first two verses of Nitai Chalisa…the beauty of it is the spontaneity with which these divine realizations emanate from Gurudev’s lotus mouth as He sings each verse. In the very beginning when Gurudev suddenly stopped singing and began speaking about the glories of Nitai as Samasthi Guru…got shivers. One point which was very touching was the reason why Nitai is Samasthi Guru in the true sense, even though Krishna is Samasthi Guru as well. The unique trait of an Acharya is that they are easily approachable by all souls, their mercy is fully accessible by one and all, otherwise how can we be fully take advantage of their mercy and shelter…who will teach us how to walk in devotional Service? Krishna is Samasthi Guru also, but it is only Nitaichand who is easily approachable. As soon as Gurudev reveals these points it becomes so crystal clear. That’s the thing about pure transcendental sound vibration. Even though you may think that you already know something, when th same thing enters your ears in its pure form as unadulterated sound vibration…you begin to realize the true imports of that tattva, due to the potency of the vani.

When Nitaipreshthji “My Jiva has come,” while describing the pastime of Nitai calling Jiva Goswami when He arrives at Navadvipa…one can literally imagine Nitai saying it like that. Another thing which I’m still unable to forget is about how Gurudev says that our first reaction when we see Nitai’s lotus feet is that we literally feel and realize how the whole creation is residing within this yugala pada of Nitai. Je chayay jagata juray!!! How many times we have sang this verse yet didn’t really realize it! The way Gurudev describes Nitai’s lotus feet and how everything is there only…and then He goes onto humbly speak of His own hankering for Nitai’s lotus feet…it creates a unique anxiety in the heart to behold these miraculous lotus feet just once. Its so touching when it is explained how Banka Raya never leaves Ekachakra even for a second…He hides in Jahnukund and then secretly comes and embraces His beloved brother Nitai as soon as Nitai enters the kund. This is the first time this secret is revealed…Bankim Raya can come out any time from Jahnukund and perform His pastimes with Nitai.

Another mega revelation. Dridha kori dhoro Nitaiyer paay. Throughout this whole bhajan, Nitai’s lotus feet are again and again emphasized. Tightly hold onto Nitai’s lotus feet. But what does tightly holding onto Nitai’s lotus feet mean, how does one tightly hold on…this is never discussed. Nitaipreshthji Gurudev finally penetrates into the quintessence of this potent statement by Narottam das Thakur…which is— Nitai Bhakti!!! Nitai Bhakti is the only way to hold onto Nitai’s lotus feet. The secrets of Nitai bhakti revealed by our Acharyas have been right before our eyes all along…but we couldn’t realize them until Nitai’s pure devotee brought it to our notice after unveiling all the coverings.

The pastime of Kridhnadas Kaviraj Goswami attaining EVERYTHING by Nitai’s mercy alone is done in a very unique and striking way in this katha. First Nitaipreshthji goes into depth of how exalted Kaviraj Goswami is and the potency of His mahavakya…how dear he is to Radharani. Then he dives into the vital point…the question of how Kridhnadas Kaviraj attained all the
ultimate perfections of Raganuga bhajan…and of course what do we get–only Nitai!!! The way this point is expertly put out is very powerful and keeps a lasting impression. Especially when Gurudev questions at the end…it really just leave you goosbmamps and you whant to hear more and more…

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #10

It is much more nectarian and heart melting than the katha itself. Nitaaaai Wow, she writes almost like our Nitaissevika dasi and Jahnava Nitai dasi. Unbelievable. Matajis are the real recepients of Nitai’s mercy as they their writings pour from their hearts.

(Nitaisevika dasi) #11

All glories to @Adwaitsevadas prabhuji!! :raised_hands::raised_hands: The way he managed everything this Kartik was just phenomenal! Somehow he just has a lookout on every front…from the most menial things to major management matters. His memory is incredible too…he remembers each and everything a devotee approaches him for and gets the work done even when he’s already overloaded with sewas and things are getting a little chaotic. You can’t ever tell how much is going on though because he takes care of everything in a way that it seems all is going as smooth as butter.

And it is the sweetest thing when Srila Nitaipreshthji Gurudev takes note of everything and appreciates the services of his servants… The way Gurudev glorifies is just heart touching. Haven’t ever seen a spiritual master express this much gratitude, and Gurudev’s manner of expressing is also sooo special. :sob:

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #12

The first para, even I could not have said it better. Dushkarm sukaram bhavet with our @Adwaitsevadas. The last para is… I don’t have a drop of sweetness. I am so dry that I try to fill my heart with the nectar of appreciating our Nitaibhaktas.

(Jahnava Nitai dasi) #13

Our spiritual master is completely divine. His heart is even softer than butter, just by meeting them for few hours seems like a fulfilment that is not possible otherwise. And their encouragement and care n concern for every devotee is sooo much and so deep, heartfelt that one reaches like urdhva seema… even when its a devotee meeting Gurudev for the first time. They are expert in enrapturing the hearts of whosoever meets them by their sweet grave countenance and words. Never in the past such a merciful Lord and master has advented nor in future :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: They are everything :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

(Vasudha Nitai dasi) #14

Yajnesvara das:

Maharaj, this talk is such a monsoonal downpour of Nitai nectar/mercy - by the end i was soaked. Thank you for telling us!! Please forgive me for any offenses I may have commited at your feet or to your students and disciples

(rachnahk108) #15

Heard this katha… Today morning… After listening I can say that this is one of the best katha of dear Gurudev. I am totally spellbound, speechless:raised_hands::raised_hands::sob:… No words to express my gratitude. It filled my eyes with tears…

How much merciful you are dear Gurudev! :sob::sob: you have given us the best medicine of Kaliyuga. Every devotee should hear this katha… It’s my humble request. All glories to you dear Gurudev! Kindly accept my humble obeisance at the dust of your lotus feet :pray::pray:

Thank you so much Gurudev :raised_hands::raised_hands::pray::pray:

(Krishnaprasad das) #16

Joy Nitai… Dandvat Pranam dear Nitaipreshta Gurudev, All glories to Guru parampara , All your lectures are complete with transcendental mellows hearing them is a blissful experience, am eternally indebted to you for inventing novel ways like Nitai Gunjan to solve the problems of jivas ,being sensitive to their emotional quotient and also parallel y making them Nitai Conscious which than is the smallest ladder to attain Krishna Prema. I hope the people of kaliyuga understand this secret of all secrets and implement it, which would really please Lord Nitai and his Dvadasha gopals the most .