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Highlights from Nitai Gunjan Sanga Discussion

(Vasudha Nitai dasi) #1

Highlights from questions answered by Shrila Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj in Nitai Gunjan Sanga :-

:blossom: Nityananda Charitamrit is the very essence of CB by Vrindavan das Thakur and thus the most merciful small scripture in creation to get Kripa-siddhi because it directly boils down to the essence of getting Nitai Bhakti.

:blossom:How is that relevant to our pure and simple only Nitainam Gunjan (Kirtan) dear prabhuji? Just the name “Nitai” is taken by so many of our Acharyas. How can it ever be a rasabhas, as there is no other name attached or mixed with it? If it was, then just saying “Krishna” or “Radha” would also be a rasabhas, which it can never be. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta said that "nitai gaura radhe sham… " contains sakhya lila of Nitai Gaur and madhurya lila of Radhe Shyam in the same line, so it is somewhat of a rasabhas. He allowed “shri krishna chaitanya, prabhu nityananda, hare krishna hare rama shri radhe govinda” even if it is not in the scriptures because it does not have Nitai Gaura’s names and Radha Krishna’s names on the same lines. So even different lines is fine to avoid rasabhas.

:blossom:But still Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur sent Srila Bhaktisiddhanta back to Mayapur from Puri because he said such a public propaganda against “nitai gaura radhe sham” was not necessary, as even if it has rasabhas and not recommended, it is is still beneficial as you quoted from Srila Prabhupada above. Comparing the pure and single Nitainam to other such mixed hymns, which are not found in the shastra, is not required.

:blossom:Nitai Gunjan is not done on beads at all so there is no question of replacing Harinam japa on beads, as Nitai is just a simple & singular name of the Lord, which can be taken in kirtan like Nitai Gunjan. When someone wanted to chant the Nityananda Gauranga mantrarajas in the past in addition to Harinam, we have always recommended to chant separate rounds of Nityananda mantraraja and separate rounds of Gauranga mantraraja, even though saying Nityananda Gauranga is not a rasabhas like saying “nitai gaura radhe shyam” on the same line.

:blossom:Srila Prabhupada told that we can put peacock features on Nitai Gaura Deities as They put them in Their nityalila on Navadvipa too, being cowherd boys too. A peacock feather is a simple dressing which even normal cowherd boys wear, so why can’t Nitai Gaura? Murari Gupta saw Them with peacock feathers in His dream. Nowhere it is said that by our previous Acharyas that peacock feathers should not be put on Nitai Gaura? Nitai would have never taken the name of Gauranga nor told others to sing it, if taking the name of Gauranga would have disturbed the mood of Gauranga, from His internal Radhabhava meditation, as it being claimed in some circles. Can Nitai ever disturb Gauranga moods internally? Gauranga has three moods. All three of them are absolute and exist simultaneously and one can worship Him in any one of them.

:blossom:Had written this before. Since Lord Nitai Balaram is Avatari too who is completely non-different from Lord Gaur Krishna, since He is the origin of all Vishnu-tattva, since He has His own consorts, pastimes, and dham, since He has His own gopis, and since Vrinda serves Him to the nitya-lila too, how can we even think of offering anything to Nitai without tulasi? If we don’t offer Tulasi to Nitai, it will greatly displease His brother Lord Gaur Krishna who make greatly dislike us for discriminating between Him and His more merciful brother.

:blossom:Nitai Gunjan calms you and the irritability vanishes in a few weeks if done daily in sufficient quantity. It also awards you higher relish in harinam and katha, so you will find a way for them even if there are distractions, so it fixes the root problem also.

:blossom:Yes as Maya’s power increases in Kaliyuga, Doyal Nitai gives us the tools like speakers and headphones to conquer Maya 24/7 with His merciful sound vibrations.

:blossom:That is a great start dear Nitaibhikshu das. But slowly you will need to let the sound of Nitai Gunjan itself awaken and show you the real form of the Lord in the nityalila. Spontaneous awakening of the form which Nam wants to show us is even better than us trying to visualize a form of our Lord fixed by us.


Yes, this verse is the very basis and foundation of our Nitai Bhakti. It has such a beautiful and simple Sanskrit in Govinda Bhasya by sri Baladev Vidya bhusan commentary on vedanta sutras (3.3.51). And Baladeva Vidyabhushan Thakur was none other than Gopinath Acharya from Nitai Gaura lila according to our Bhaktivinoda Thakur.