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Guru Tattva and Nitai Mahima

(Nitaimani das) #1

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(Rāmānanda Dāsa) #2

Dandavat pranams to Srila NitaiPreshthJi and all Nitaisevaks. You all are a great inspiration for my soul and each day I feel that my existence depends on your daily praises to Lord Nitai. Life becomes a celebration in your presence and all doubts and questions in terms of Why? and What For? are completely answered. Joy Nitai! Joy Nitai! Joy Nitai!

(Nitairam das) #3


Joy Nitai! Joy Guruvarg! Joy Guru parampara! Joy Nitaimani das Prabhuji!!!

Here comes a another magnanimous and beautiful Katha of HG Nitaimani das prabhuji… Today Katha is based on the faith in Shri guru and lord Nitai… Everyone is sooo happy to receive such a wonderful Katha… We also had different realizations on Shri guru and the param doyaalu Nitai vayulekhan… Daily prabhuji is having different realisations on vayulekhan and he is sharing by his causeless mercy…

I can bet if anyone will hear this Katha then His/Her guru bhakti and faith in Nitai will certainly increase…:pray::blush:


(Nitai das) #4

Joy Nitai Dandavat Pranams to dear Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva and all Nitai Bhaktas. It was an eye opener and very enlightening Katha. I was totally amazed and astonished on how prabhuji gave comparisons between Guru charan padma and Nitai pada Kamal… We all have heard both Bhajans hundreds and thousands of times but never ever thought that Narottam das Thakur’s both Bhajans are in such an astonishing sync and dressing the same very important life saving points in one’s Bhakti. Thank you very much prabhuji for such beautiful nectar… Waiting for more :pray::pray::pray:

(Shiwali) #5

Thank you Nitai mani das prabhiji​:pray: By the mercy of Srila Gurudev ji ,Nitai and Nitai bhaktas today I again got a chance to have a very nice katha from the lotus mouth of Sri Nitai mani das prabhiji…:pray:Hoping for more and more kathas​:clap:

(Radhasakhi dasi) #6

Just heard @nitaimanidasji katha… every syllable he has spoken in the katha is overflowing with Nitai and Guru nishtha… every tune sung is embedded with unshakable love for Nitai and Guru🙏…

(Mani Manjari dasi) #7

all glories to shrila gurudev
yadi gurudev na hoite
tabe nitai na milte
yadi gurudev na btate
toh vayulekhan kaise kerte
jaya jaya shrila gurudev

(Nitaimani das) #8

Aur agar Vayulekhan nhi karte
To maya se kaise bachte…

(Mani Manjari dasi) #9

aur agar spreaker per nitaimaniji pg katha m vayulekhan ki glories ni btayenge toh faith kaise badega(mujh jaisi papi ka)…jai nitaimaniji pg…:pray::pray: