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Guru purnima offerings to srila nitaipreshthji gurudev

(Nitaichand das) #1

Nama om Gauranga padaya
Nitai presthaya bhutale
srimate Bhaktiratna Sadhu iti namine
Nitai Vayulekhan Nitai naam lila vitarine
Radha Bhaktivinoda ashraya pradayine
“sri guru karunä sindhu, patita janära bandhu
parama dayälu avatära |
nayane anjana dilä, hrde jnäna prakäsilä
vandon ämi carana tänhära ||”
Dearest Srila Nitaipreshth ji Gurudev,

I offer my most respectful and humble dandavat pranams at the dust of your lotus feet. All glories to your loving divine grace.

I wish you a very happy Guru-purnima and pray to Sri Ekachakradhameshwara Nityananda Mahaprabhu for your spiritual well-being.

I would like to convey my offering with much appreciation and gratitude. Please allow me to do so.

Gurudev, by revealing the potency of Nitai Vayulekhan, you made me to add it as powerful weapon in the arsenal of my sadhna and by your blessings and the practice of Nitai Vayulekhan this past year has been full of new spiritual experiences.

Gurudev you have been so merciful on me that this year you awarded Gayatri diskh even though I’m not yet qualified to receive it. Your mercy doesn’t stop here. You also granted me to render seva of pratibhu vigrah of Nitai Saccinandan. I’m just unable to believe what past agyant sukriti I had which made me the recipient of such magnimous mercy.

Keeping you at the center of my life, each day I can feel how your causeless mercy flows unconditionally in the upkeep of my devotional service.

Throughout the years in Nitai Consciousness you have been there for me, encouraging, instructing, reciprocating and allowing me to do some seva. I only wish I could reciprocate and be able to offer you even a small token of what you really deserve.

Gurudev, you are making many arrangements not only for your disciples but for humanity at large by launching new websites with different Nitai themes catering to each categories of sadhakas, using innovative ways to appeal the general mass to get some attraction towards Nitai. The e-Sanga that you have created is awesome. In every activity of yours, you never fail to strengthen our commitment and conviction to spread the glories of Sri Nitai.

Gurudev I would like to deeply thank you for all of this, you have shown much kindness and attention to me and my family

Gurudev, I must admit today that I haven’t been doing much service and I am a manda mati and my mati is bhrasta due to bad association but yes, writing this offering I am getting renewed energy to do more seva and I can feel being purified while writing this offering. Thank you very much for this opportunity to write on your Guru-purnima.

Just as Nitai’s glories are unlimited, so are your divine glories. For a dull minded person I am, it would take many lifetimes for me to properly glorify you.

I have no qualities to re-pay you except to try and be a good devotee and practice all that you have taught me. Gurudev on this Guru-purnima special day I beg for your blessings that I may persevere in my endeavours to follow and practice your instructions.

Joy Srila Nitaipreshth ji Gurudev​:pray::pray::pray:
Joy Guruvarga!:pray: :pray:
Joy Guru-purnima Mahotsava🙌
Joy Ekachakra dhama​:raised_hands::raised_hands:
Joy Nitai!! Joy Gaur!!:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

Your most fallen child,

Nitaichand das :hibiscus::sunflower::rose::tulip::blossom::cherry_blossom::bouquet:

(Madan Mohan Das ) #2

@Nitaichanddas prabhuji kindly accept my dandavat pranams to your lotus feet. Excellent offerings. Joy Nitai , Joy Nitaipreshthji .