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Guru, Nitai and Prachar discussion on Telegram

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

:maple_leaf: However great an Acharya is, he is just one track of the rail line. The main one track is always Nitai. And the Guru track also exists to guide us to the Nitai track. A train can’t run just on one track of Guru, Guru, Guru. One should not forget what the Guru is for in the first place. To guide the soul to the other track Nitai, not to be worshiped independently or to replace the surrender to the other track of Nitai.

:maple_leaf: How can one Guru directly instruct about all instructions in our vast Gaudiya scriptures in this short lifetime of Kaliyuga? Gurus used to live for lakhs of years in Satya Yoga but still they could not give all the knowledge. Does that mean that Nitai is not the most Doyal Lord and Nitainam is not the most Doyal Nam if my Guru has not mentioned it specificially? It is just ludricious. It is the absolute truth and does not depend on it is stressed or not by even the most exalted spiritual masters. Even that Guru, if he bona-fide and non-envious, would be greatly displeased by such a mentality.

:maple_leaf: Srila Prabhupada got so angry when they started calling him as God in USA in the early days that wanted to abort the whole mission forever. And that is again happening. To think that Guru’s teachings are more the basic universal truths of God like the causelessly merciful nature of Nitai and Nitainam, is again the same grievious blunder. The Guru speaks the most important truth in a concealed manner so that it is not taken cheaply. So does not mean that the truths which he spoken only occasionally are not important? They may be even more important than what he has spoken all the time. निताइ.

:maple_leaf: (Reply on quote shared by a devotee) I can’t accept this statement by Bhayahari das. I have never heard of this before. That disciple may be replacing the Mahamantra or doing something really wrong so Srila Prabhupada may have said it. Actually the only cult which will truly deliver all kinds of Kaliyuga souls is the Nitai cult. so why should we be afraid of it? We will be called a cult because we are religious, whoever we accept, so why not be called the Nitai cult, at least they will chant the most merciful name in creation on the pretext of saying that it is the “Nitai cult”, and get Krishna at the end of this very life, and not have to take millions of more lives like in the chanting of only the offensive Hare Krishna mahamantra without Nitainam and Nitailila. What is wrong is completely focussing on the only Lord who can and wants to deliver us in Kaliyuga?

:maple_leaf: And also one-pointed Nitai consciousness includes all aspects of Krishna consciousness in all the five rasas as Vrindavan das Thakur points out because Nitai is the Guru of all the 5 rasas. So we are covering all the different aspects of Nitai Gaur and Radha Krishna Bhakti by Nitai consciousness.

:maple_leaf: Also Srila Prabhupada had to establish Krishna first in this world so that the people could eventually come to accept the most merciful Lord and His Devotee Nitai. Worship of the Devotee is more advanced than the worship of God Himself. So it was the need at that time to put Krishna in the forefront to give the basics, because without knowing Krishna they would not accept or know Nitai. If they would not know about Krishna, then they would never know about devotional service, and then they would never know about who is the greatest servitor and brother of Krishna.

:maple_leaf: The Guru, however empowered he is, is only a Jiva-tattva, so his mercy is not independant but always dependant the mercy of Nitai only. Besides a Jiva tattva can never possess the infinite mercy like the origin of all Vishnu-tattva Lord Nitai does, even after entering the nitya-lila in his siddha deha, what to speak of while being in this material world.

:maple_leaf: But did Srila Prabhupada ever say that you should replace the worship of Nitai by his own worship or that his instructions should overide Nitai’s bhakti? Srila Prabhupada never claimed to be a personification of ALL of Nitai’s mercy because no Acharya can be that as the jiva is finite and Nitai is infinite. So he never said that his bhakti is the only thing which is needed and it should be done instead of Nitai bhakti. Even Nakula Brahmachari when he got an avesha of Gauranga in his body, it was understood it was only a partial manifestation because the infinite always remains the infinite.

:maple_leaf: Actually the problem is everywhere Guru cults are forming but no one wants to form the Original and Only REAL ETERNAL Guru cult for our most Doyal Samashti Guru, Adi Guru, and Mula Guru Nitai and when we try to do this only true thing in this material world, they cry foul accusing us of “jumping” over the Gurus.
I would say one soul giving Nitainam or Nitailila to others is more magnanimous than the opening of thousands of temples and big projects around the world, but that is the only way out of this material world. Giving directly the essence than beating around the bush when the time is so short in Kaliyuga is much more important in Kaliyuga. Nitainam is much more critical for the people of this Kaliyuga than millions of temples or preaching projects.
Nitainam is much more critical for the people of this Kaliyuga than millions of temples or preaching projects. It is their only ray of hope.

:maple_leaf: Join Now: for Sadhu Maharaj’s Essence
The final concise cream of all of Sadhu Maharaj’s teachings and realizations for the past 46 years. :raised_hands: जय निताइ! हरे कृष्ण! Jai Guruvarga. :pray:

:maple_leaf: Yes dear prabhuji, the empowered associates of Nitai give His mercy unconditionally, but the way Nitai personally made children mad in love without eating for 30 days and uproot whole trees with their bare hands, jump like Hanuman in extreme bliss, etc., have you heard ever of even the topmost Gurus being able to give that kind of instant topmost love and mercy to so many souls at one time? That is the difference between the origin of all Vishnu Tattva and the empowered Jiva Tattvas.

:maple_leaf: By @Nitaimanidas: In Godruma Kalpatavi, Shrila Bhaktivinod Thakur has clearly mentioned that Nitai is the Mula Mahajan of the market of the Holy Name. Nitai is the principal trader of Shuddha Harinam.
In this book he has mentioned that even Shrila Rupa Goswami, Sanatan Goswami, Swarup Damodar, and Raya Ramanand are Amsi Mahajans. (Share Traders)
But Nitai is the Mula Mahajan of the Nam Hatta.

By @SadhuMaharaj: Jai ho, other Acharyas are the Nam Share Traders, the Storekeepers, the Watchmen, and the Treasurers, primarily assisting Nitai. By saying Nitai is the owner of the goods of Namhatta, it means that He is the Manufacturer Himself, not a dealer or a retailer, because He is Nam Prabhu personified and the very origin and source of all the Holy Names.

:maple_leaf: The beauty is Nitai’s position is so high, the topmost in the heirarchy, but still He is directly approachable by every soul, because He has been with every soul at every second for time immemorial. Krishna does not allow the nitya-baddha souls to enter the spiritual world so Nitai decided that instead of the soul becoming fully abondoned, He will personally accompany the soul in this material world for as long as it takes till the soul can enter the spiritual world. So Krishna is really proud of His brother Nitai for being more compassionate than Him. निताइ.

:maple_leaf: How many insults Nitai has tolerated for us and from us as our Supersoul for time immemorial? So we should be ready to even die for His Nam and Lila Prachar if needed and start again in another universe.

:maple_leaf: Exactly, Nitai does not even care if He is God or not if He can’t deliver us, His children. That is the level of His concern for for each soul. He is ready to be insulted for our sake millions of times.

:maple_leaf: Yes same with me too. Nitai has saved me millions of times in this birth itself but I had taken it for granted.

:maple_leaf: Nitai comes once in 8.64 billion years just like Krishna and Gauranga. His advent is even more important than Krishna and Gaura’s because by His appearance the whole world get a fighting chance to attain Gaura Radha Krishna factually. And Nitaibhaktas are born after that who one-pointedly spread His Nam and Lila. So this is just the beginning.

(Nitai Bhikshu das) #2

This is the key difference between Guru and Nitai.
I understood this but did not know how to put it in words. Thank you Gurudeva:heart::pray:

(nav) #3

it breaks my heart everyday to know some will choose to keep important Nitai-Gaura truths away from visitors to temples, preffering donation money. Firstly many hindus come as they are sincere and some may press the argument that gradually they will accept…but… tbh i dont even want to add more on this topic. And thank you for clarifying Nitai Guru Tattva.

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #4

yes dear Nava, if we know the highest knowledge that is Nitaitattva and if we don’t share it profusely with others due to the fear of losing some mundane political control, than we are as good as beggars on the street ourselves with nothing. it is much worse than not having that rarest knowledge at all.

(Anjali Gupta) #5

True Shrila Gurudeva… Now a days people even dont go to temples:pray:

(Yajnesvara das) #6

Maharaj please accept my obeisances at your feet. So actually - Gurudev - who is jiva tattva - can give Prema Bhakti to disciples only if empowered by Nitai to do so - just like Nitai’s associates they are jiva tattva but they gave Prema Bhakti to conditioned souls because they were empowered by Lord Nitai. Because Gurudev is a surrendered soul to Nitai, Nitai utilizes Gurudev for His purposes. As there can be many Gurudevs, being utilized by Nitai, there can be many aspects of the absolute truth being revealed by Nitai through the surrendered jiva Gurudevs, and each Gurudev may be presenting different tattva according to the will of Nitai?

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #7

Yes dear prabhuji, the empowered associates of Nitai give His mercy unconditionally, but the way Nitai personally made children mad in love without eating for 30 days and uproot whole trees with their bare hands, jump like Hanuman in extreme bliss, etc., have you heard ever of even the topmost Gurus being able to give that kind of instant topmost love and mercy to so many souls at one time? That is the difference between the origin of all Vishnu Tattva and the empowered Jiva Tattvas.

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #8

Exactly dear prabhji, so Guru Bhakti should never be used an excuse or garb to avoid or reject Nitai Bhakti. Those who do it are the greatest losers, even though they are so close to the ultimate truth about Doyal Nitai due to being Gaudiyas!

(Yajnesvara das) #9

No, Maharaj - only Nitai has done that - no Gurudev I have heard about has ever done what Nitai did

(Nitaimani das) #10

Thank you very dear Nitaipreshthji Gurudev for enlightening us with your spontaneous and powerful insights on the deepest secrets of Bhakti marga. Joy Nitai!! Dandavat Pranaam Shrila Nitaipreshthji Gurudev and all Nitaibhakts

(PremiKrishnadasa) #11

Dear Gurudev, This is so wonderfully explained. While refuting the challenges, you mixed with it deftly one of the most nectarine pastime of Doyal Nitai.

(Mohit Kumar) #12

Jaya Nitai! Please accept my koti dandavat pranam!

Thank you so much Nitaipresthiji Gurudeva for giving is such deep realisations about the relationship between Nitai and Guru Tattva. All glories to Nitaimani Das prabhuji! Such an amazing quote from Bhaktivinoda Thakur, and how Nitai is the proprietor of the market of the Holy Name. All glories to Nitaisevika dasi Prabvhi, you can can see Her deep remembrance of Nitai when she gives her kathas. Wish I was also there to listen.

(vishal nitai) #13

Thank you for all the amazing, never-heard before Nitaimoy realizations from your 46 years of bhajan :pray::pray:

(Nitairam das) #14

All conversations were really heart touching:clap:… Nitai it the mula mahajan and rest are retailers, treasurer etc… Still Nitai is going from door to door being on topmost platform… Best example of ABHIMAN SHUNYA AND JIVA DOYA… Joy Nitaaaaaai…:raised_hands:🏻:raised_hands:🏻
Joy Nitai ! Dandvat pranam Shrila Nitaipreshthji and all the exalted Nitaisevaks…:pray:🏻:pray:🏻

(Karta Nitai Das) #15

Jay Nitaai!! Thank YOU Gurudev for revealing Kaliyug ka Secret Nitaibhakti!!

Waah!! Thanks you so much for finally churning the milk and distributing the cream and the essence Gurudev!!

Gurudev, I have one question about the 5th anga Nitaiprachar: According to you, Is it better to spend time making a few people more staunch devotees, or make masses of people chant Nitai’s name once? Is quality better or quantity?