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Glorification of a Sewa jewel- 'Adwait Sewa das'

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

Joy Joy Nitaaaaaiiiii!!! Prabhupada used to say that the heart of prema is service. The essence and center of devotional service is “service.” There is one devotee in particular in our sanga who has undoubtedly fully embodied this sewa bhava to the unimaginable extent that it actually defines his whole existence…these are not simply words, it is undeniable reality which even an ignorant child can notice by coming into the slightest contact with him. I probably wouldn’t ever have any idea of what these statements of our Acharyas regarding the paramount importance of sewa actually meant if Nitai wouldn’t have showered His causeless mercy on me by allowing me to associate with one of His dear fanatics.

All glories to our one and only, the unstoppable, the unsurpassable, our amazing sewa super hero…Advaitseva das prabhuji!!! No wonder Nitaipreshthji has given him the name Advait-sewa das. Awaita means nondifferent and sewa is of course ‘service.’ Prabhuji is always so much immersed in the service of Sri Guru and Nitai, that this service seems to define him only! Nondifferent from sevabhav, our Adwaitseva das prabhuji. Waah! Only Nitaipreshthji could have unearthed his inherent nature from the very beginning! We are all so late in seeing this. I don’t think any of us have ever caught him at a time when he was not engaged in rendering service in one way or the other. Every breath he takes is completely surrendered to Nitaipreshthji and His mission.

Even among services, the highest form of service is Vani sewa. Guru mukha padma vakya chittete koriya aikya. Prabhuji not only relishes Gurudev’s vani 24/7, he ensures that this priceless nectar is available to all of us…and just to make sure that we do not miss out on a single drop- he is ever-ready to sacrifice whatever it takes from his own end. Even greater mercy than relishing is in distributing…and the one who relishes immensely can distribute immensely. So who but our Advaitseva das prabhuji would be the best person to distribute Nitaipreshthji’s Nitai premamay vani to the whole world…who other than him has so much attachment and sudridha sraddha for Gurudev’s vani? No wonder this service of managing all of Nitaipreshthjis audios and kathas has been given to him…who can match his ruchi for vani asvadaan? There is a reason that he does not tire at all from all this stupendous load of vani services…it is because his only passion IS relishing Gurudev’s vani…there’s nothing else more valuable and precious to him. The sewas prabhuji does are not easy. The amount of technicality, organizational ability, tracking, etc required is not only tiring, it also takes a lot of persistence. But isn’t it astonishing that prabhuji not only manages perfectly, he is always restless to do more than he is already doing! Literally! It’s crazy! But the secret could only be…this mad attachment for the vani of Guru. No one can serve like this unless they have boundless faith in the potency of the spiritual master’s vani and how much it can save others.

We are all actually eternally indebted to prabhuji because if it weren’t for his endless services, we wouldn’t have the good fortune of freely accessing Nitaipreshthji’s Nitaimoy vani…which is the only way of actually realizing Nitai!!! I have personally seen prabhuji crazily rush to upload kathas for the pleasure of all the Nitaisevaks.

One of the qualities of prabhuji which is heartmelting is that every word he speaks comes directly from the core of his heart. It is really so rare to see a heartfelt devotee like him. Everything he writes makes one teary, either in ecstasy or in astonishment of his loving mood for Gurudev and Nitai. You can literally feel the amount of feeling he puts into his words when he writes them. When Advaitseva das prabhuji writes, you know he is writing from deep down. Even reading a simple comment from him is so valuable. His ecstatic exclamations can bring energy into anyone. He has this cheerful aura of Nitaimoy bliss all the time…even by just reading his messages one can feel that same blis

s…its just contagious. Actually, this may seem hilarious, but his childish simplicity and Nitai-oriented humor reminds me so much of the Nitai sakhas. Just by getting his association one can feel all one’s worries fleeing and feel immediately elated. One could be having the worse possible day, and the moment prabhuji comes…whole consciousness seems to change like the flick of a magic wand. The whole atmosphere just lights up when he comes. And of course, he is the intimate servant of our Guru Maharaj, Srila Nitaipreshthji.

He is very attached to Nitai Kirtans and I’ve noticed especially to the Acharya vandanas. Line after line he knows by heart, and suddenly he will quote a verse at a certain time when that line can be used best to expressively glorify Nitai and Gurudev. A few days ago he quoted a very confidential but ecstatic line from CC…Keho ba maathe mane mane. And I was thinking, Whoah…how does prabhuji have this one memorized also…its a very rare verse! And then I realized…oh yes in the very old kathas of Gurudev…He used to say very ecstatically. One can see just from this that with how much rapt attention prabhuji holds onto every single word that Gurudev speaks.

Even though he is always busy with sewas and barely gets time even for himself…he is ever ready to help any other Nitaisevak for whatever it may be. There have been countless instances when I have shamelessly bothered him for the smallest things and he has patiently taken the time to explain everything step by step. One can approach him even for what seems to be the most foolish queries, and he helps with so much ease and care…one doesn’t feel ashamed even in the least…instead he boosts one’s spirits.

And of course one thing which is simply admirable is his desperate nature to fulfill even the smallest desires of Gurudev and Nitaisevaks. Just someone says something once…even if the world goes from this end to that end prabhuji will not rest in peace until he does that thing.

Last but not least…if Nitai were to appear Himself before prabhuji and ask…kya chahiye…he would only ask for more Guru sewa. Selfless service only yields to more service…we have a live example of this among us.

The special blessing of Nitai is to allow a soul to associate with their Guru Maharaj in His own dhama, Sri Ekachakra, during their birthday, which as Gurudev had mentioned before is the true celebration of our birthday. Who else but our prabhuji would be qualified to recieve this unlimited package of mercy on such a special day? Nitai just had to do this for him! We are so happy for you dear prabhuji that you are receiving this rare mercy, you truly deserve it. :ok_hand: please pray for us in Nitaidham Ekachakra that we may develop a drop of your selfless sevabhav!

(Mani Manjari dasi) #2

He is a very ideal gurubhakt …i ve never seen this much gurubhakti which he possesses. even if in dream one will say that pg GURUDEV k liye lana hai… then he will run away at that time only. he is a very sincere devotee. words fail to glorify such an exalted Nitai and guru sewak. he is ready for serving not only gurudev but also all the nitaisevaks. his Ekachakra kirtan is so beautiful that one will feel as if he is present in Ekachakra yogapith serving Nitai and his exalted devotees.

(Vasudha Nitai dasi) #3

Words are actually short to describe their selfless merciful nature. He actually lives for sewa…if you will get their association, then its 100% sure that you will get that enthusiasm to serve automatically. I always loved to see his expressions when he is in front of Shrila Nitaipreshthji. For him its as if Shrila Nitaipreshthji’s pastimes, their association, service, photos, audios are life! Once he told me if ever i get angry, then show me Shrila Gurudev’s photo. So that was the remedy for me to be saved from displeasing prabhuji. :slight_smile: But in return because of their association, i was benefited as i kept going through various photos. Once it happened i was not able to go to dham and he made me do online parikrama by showing various lila sthalis…he has solution to every problem and cant see any devotee in difficulty! I have always seen him very joyful and that aura is created around him too (except when he had to study for exams​:slight_smile:️…though still he was only concentrating on sewas at that time too). He has special attraction for kirtan…i remember once i told them i do 15 min kirtan…and in reply he said 'utna to mera pranam mantra hi hota hai’:smile:!!! He brings back joy and happiness if its lost from life…he has so so many qualities…its all going in mind like a flashback but words fail to describe really when it comes to glorify Nitaisevak such as Adwait ‘sewa das’ prabhuji. Thankyou for everything prabhuji​:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

(Padma Nitai Dasi) #4

Adwait sewa das pg is like a pearl in the sea .it is hidden in a shell, but most valuable . He is always ready to come at your service before you even would call for help . He has so much of sewa bhav as much as water in the sea . I am short of words . :pray:

(Bharatishvaridasi) #5

He has so much devotion for Nitai and Nitaipreshthji that he doesn’t like to concentrate on studies !:smile: waiting to get exams over to go to Ekchakra ! He is more than his name shows ! All glories to Him ,Jay ho !

(Nitai Seva das) #6

Roto ko jo hasa de, nitai bhakt jo bana de.
Man main h bas Guru, aur guru ki seva karne ka junu.
Dikkat ni koi jaana h seva par daily,
delhi to radha kund
radha kund to delhi.
Mene pucha kal to gaye the Prabhu jee, Prabhu bole are Prabhu jee kal ki seva to ho gai ab aaj ki seva par focus.
Comfort of Gurudev is his comfort
Happiness of Guru is his real happiness.
Heere moti Prabhu Na chahe,
Prabhu jee to chahe bas Guru aur Gurubhakto ki seva.
Seva dil se
Seva Dimak se
Aur Seva rom rom se banati h

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #7

Truly heart-spliting! Thanks dear @Nitaisevadas.

(Nimai das) #8

The only memories I have of @adwaitaseva das prabhuji are His being engaged in Gurudeva’s seva. That’s His life. And always with innocent look, bright smile and shiny face.

(rachnahk108) #9

Yes our Adwait seva das prabhuji is like this only. He always smiled personification of Guru bhakti…jitna bhi kaha jaaye kam hai. Prabhuji is always ready for seva for anyone.I don’t have qualification to describe his unlimited glories.

(Nitai Gaur das) #10

His seva bhava is truly awesome, or I should better say he is the personification of Guru Seva. Day and night, he is engaged in Guru Seva. How to please Shri Guru. Today on his most auspicious birth day, his hand got cut by ceiling fan; and on previous day his head got some serious injurious, but still he said I don’t care about these useless things, I have many sevas. He was even restraining from putting any bandage and antiseptic cream as that would be problematic in his seva.

Whole today he was in market for physical sevas and that too in hot weather here in Ekachakra, but still he exhibited full strength.

He is always thinking how to serve Shri Guru, how to please Shri Guru. His day starts with Guru seva and ends with Guru seva.

Jaya Jaya. All glories to him.

(Jahnavi dasi) #11

He teach us how guru sewa is done carrying immense and unadulterated faith at the lotus feet of Srila Nitaipreshthji Gurudev. Day and night he is busy in doing services without even giving a single thought for satisfying his personal needs. Where will one find such a selfless nature which he possesses. No doubt Nitaipreshthji Gurudev has given him the most perfect name ADWAITSEWA das. He is really our sewa prodigy… The ecstatic kirtan which he does is too much soothing blissful and Nitaimaya… Nitai and guru prem flows from his face… Ohh Nitai can’t describe his unlimited qualities… He always has only one thought in his mind “how can I serve Gurudev”? Even after doing countless services he thinks e hasn’t done even a single thing… How is this possible… Its so astonishing… He doesn’t have even a tinge of desire for name and fame…
Fallen people like me only sing “Shri guru charan padma kevala bhakti sadma” but he really means it… For him Gurudev and his words are like lines carved on stone… Whatever Nitaipreshthji says even not very seriously he tries to do it to please him… Am really blessed to have association of such an exalted Gurusewak.
Feeling miserable to glorify his sewa bhaav. Not only he possesses guru prem but his love for All the Nitaisevaks is so praiseworthy. He is always ready to serve all the Nitaisevaks whether it is the case of sending nitai meditation books to devotees or booking tickets… He has a very unique quality… He doesn’t want to get credit for the services rather he engages everyone in Nitai services… I also got few chances to serve and learn from him…
Ohh Nitai… One more very motivating quality… Inspire of loaded with so many sewas he takes out time to complete his daily rounds of Vayulekhan and Japa… if suppose whole day passes and he didn’t got time to complete his daily sadhna, then he misses his sleep and completes it with full dedication without giving a thought that he is tired or something.
Right now he is in Ekachakra serving shri Gurupadapadma. Association of such exalted Nitaisevaks is very rare… Am really thankful to Nitai for giving me this golden opportunity to have his association. Please forgive me for glorifying him in such a improper way.