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Glories of Nitai Gunjan

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

:shamrock:️ By practicing Nitai Gunjan for longer periods consistently, the seed of Nitainam will open in your heart and you will see those pastimes which you saw non-stop with much more clarity

:shamrock:️ Nitainam is the merciful name whose seed can open the fastest in our heart to show the form and pastimes. And then once the seed of Nitainam has sprouted in our hearts than Harinam has automatically sprouted too because the sound is revealing.

:shamrock:️ And just like in 2015, I had this divine revelation of one-pointed Nitaibhakti due to Nitai Vayulekhan, on 2017 Radhashtami in Radhakund I have this divine revelation and instruction from Jahanva mata about Nitaiprachar due to Nitai Gunjan. I called all the devotees in our ashram and shared with them for hours about it

:shamrock:️ In Nitaibhakti there is only one thing to remember: DELIVER & BE DELIVERED!

:shamrock:️ It may take many millions of lifetimes even for advanced devotees to start seeing and unite the form of Krishna in our hearts while chanting Harinam. But in Nitainam Gunjan, even the first-timer atheists may get a glimpse of Nitai’s form simply on trying it a few times. This is the unprecedented mercy of Nitainam which is beyond all conceptions. And then Shyamsunder’s form starts appearing very easily and quickly while chanting Harinam too! This is the easiest and fastest path to enter the Nityalila by Namsiddhi!

:shamrock:️ Nitai Gunjan is the Instant Solution for Loneliness because as soon as we start doing it Nitai’s form manifests in the sky of our hearts and we start associating with God directly. So why would we need anyone else to associate with? Hahaha

:shamrock:️ It is so powerful, that it can be done anytime and anywhere, it does not need to be done only when the mind is fresh immediately after waking up or something like that. It makes the mind fresh and reveals everything even if it is done in the most passionate consciousness or at the most hectic places or times in the day.

:shamrock:️Let me explain with an example. You want to enter a treasure-house which has two doors. Both doors lead inside. The key to the first door is very difficult to open. The key to the second door is very easy to open. And when you open this second door easily via its key, the hard key of the first door automatically unlocks the first door too, and you can enter inside through both of them into both the partitions of that treasure-house. The first door is Harinam and its key is Japa. The second door is Nitainam and its key is Gunjan.

:shamrock:️ What a beautiful point! Actually you are right. Jaganmata Padmavati used to sigh Nitainam in separation which is the exactly Nitai Gunjan. Srila Prabhupada said chanting in separation is the highest form of all chanting.

:shamrock:️ So True, Nitai Gunjan is vipralambha for seeing and embracing Nitai. He is first Lord we will see and we can ever see face to face!!!

:shamrock:️by Nitai Gunjan, you will instantly hear the Gunjan of the bumblebees in both the nityalilas in your heart!!! Punja punja bhramar gunjan apaar!

:shamrock:️ I have personally seen Nitai Gunjan really makes us very active in Nitaismaran, Nitaiseva and Nitaiprachar physically, emotionally, and spiritually! So true it is!

(Bharatishvaridasi) #2

I realised that when we do Nitai gunjan ,our Super soul who was just as a witness of our actions,
starts to act as Nitai and purifies our actions and make us worthy slowly to be candidates for Supreme abode !

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #3

This is one of the best realization I have heard about Nitai Gunjan dear @Bharatishvaridasi mataji, and it astonishingly completely matches with what I have been having!