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Glories of Nitai Gunjan: Practice and Preach

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

:ocean::ocean: What is the use of knowing about Nitaigunjan, Nitailila, and Nitaiprachar, the THREE fastest rocket-like processes to Kripa Siddhi, if we don’t do them everyday without fail in sufficient quantity?

:ocean::ocean: Every prachar should begin from achar. Drowning yourself in the reverberations of Nitainam through Nitaigunjan for at least ONE hour and hearing or singing one chapter of Nitailila is the our FIRST & FOREMOST daily duty to our own soul. Charity should first begin with our ownselves first. And we will know why we are doing it by hearing or singing Nitailila daily. So please don’t forget to do it daily, otherwise everything else you do in the day will become fruitless labor. It is like a vaccination against all kinds of Maya which attack us during the day and cause us to repeatedly fall down. It is like a rocket which instantly takes our mind and soul into Nitai Gaura and Radha Krishna rupa-guna-lila smarana and keeps them there throughout the day.

:speaking_head: All our Nitaipracharaks on the field should do Nitaigunjan at least one hour in the morning daily to be directly empowered by Nitainam Prabhu Himself. We can share Nitainam with conviction, consistency, and determination only if we drown in its benefits by doing it daily for at least an hour first.

:ocean::ocean: Giving Nitainam to one soul is like opening a Goloka temple in his or heart. It is much more important than starting projects or temples worth millions of dollars, millions of times.

The reverberation of Nitai Gunjan in our heart synchronizes the frequency of our soul with that of the original Supersoul Nitai, both situated in that same region of our heart. And thus He appears before our soul’s eyes in His full splendor.

:hibiscus: When we hear the morning alarm, we wake up slowly. But what if there was a huge sound from all directions? That would make us to get up with a start. In the same way, the reverberating sound of Nitai Gunjan in our chest surrounds our soul from all directions, not just from one side. So our soul has no choice but to wake up instantly from the slumber of trillions of lives due to Nitai Gunjan. Thus, there is no sadhana as effective as Nitai Gunjan.

:hibiscus: Radha-dasyam is now
within our reach,
If we go to the lost souls
and Nitainam teach.

:hibiscus: Gunjan Snan is the best. Mentally immerse yourself in the Radhakund waters while audibly doing Nitai Gunjan from your mouth, so that Nitainam will make you sinless, offenseless, and pure enough not to offend Radharani, when we immerse our dirty material bodies in Her holy self in form of Radhakund, mentally or physically.

:hibiscus: Nitai Gunjan means Nitai dances in your heart.

:hibiscus: Regularity is the sureshot means for success in both sadhana and prachar. Do it every day, day after day, without fail, ideally at the same time. Even the most bizarre ideas become popular and viral in this world if the teacher of that idea is regular in sharing and practicing. Then what to speak of the true means to save the whole world. We just need to be regular. Regularity also ensures that every day brings us closer, not further, to the spiritual world.

:hibiscus: First time in my life, I feel now that there is hope for my deliverance due to Nitai Gunjan.

:hibiscus: The irresistible attacks of Maya, constantly pulling us down, totally disappear and become virtually non-existent by doing sufficient Nitai Gunjan daily.

:hibiscus: Just like the sun can evaporate the whole sea and then one can cross it easily, the reverberating sound of Nitainam in our heart during Nitai Gunjan quickly dries up all the unwanted desires in our heart and we end up crossing the material world even without knowing about it.

:hibiscus: Nitai Gunjan awakens the full love of our soul for the Lord and all other souls who are His part and parcels. By this, it impels us at every moment to share Nitai Gunjan with as many souls as we possibly can.