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Gauranga's vehement proclamation in caitanya bhagavat

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

I was reading Nitai’s kripa grantha, Sri Caitanya Bhagavat today and came across the following golden words spoken by our Sacinandan,

The Lord continued, “One who simply remembers My devotee, I take responsibility of maintaining him. The servitor of My servitor is dear to Me, and he certainly attains My shelter.” (CB Antya chapter 5)

This verse alone is the greatest incentive to give our heart and soul to worshipping Nitaichandra! Mahaprabhu is giving first class assurance. What more do we need? ‘That soul “certainly” attains My shelter.’ Gauranga is purposefully making such an emphatic statement, so that there is no room left for doubts.

If we simply remember Nitaichand, Gauranga Mahaprabhu personally takes the responsibility of looking after us. “The servitor of My servitor”…the highest implication of this can only bend towards the servants of Nitaisundar. Nitai as we all know is the Supreme Personality of “Servitor” Godhead. He is the conglomerate form of all the Lord’s servants. Every single service rendered to the Supreme Lord Sri Gauranga Krishna is emanating from Him. He is the source of that service. So how dear must the servants of Gauranga’s topmost servant be to Him? It is unfathomable.

And what makes this statement of Gauranga even more beautiful is that He is speaking these words to Srivas Pandit. Srivas Thakur and Malini devi serve Nitai day and night as their own beloved son. Nitai calls Srivas Thakur “baba” and addresses Malini devi as His mother. In the earlier chapters also it is mentioned how Gauranga Mahaprabhu roars in ecstasy and embraces Srivas to His chest when He hears from him about his staunch faith in Nitai and his unfaltering determination to serve Him. Mahaprabhu gives Him the boon that because he has so much faith in Nitai, even if the goddess of fortune ever has to go begging on the streets…still Srivas Thakur’s house will remain filled with all varieties of foodstuffs and there will never be a shortage of any sort. Mahaprabhu will personally supply everything. Ahhh, doesn’t that sound similar to the glorious statement Mahaprabhu has just done here in this verse?

So Srivas Pandit is actually a testimony to this verdict of Gauranga Mahaprabhu. He is an exemplary example of how Mahaprabhu awards one when they follow this confidential order of His to serve His dearmost servant. Srivas Thakur and his entire family received Gauranga’s unlimited mercy and blessings just by intimately serving His beloved Nitai’s lotus feet with full devotion.

I was just appreciating how these statements of Mahaprabhu are so congruent with Nitai Bhakti and suddenly BAM! There it came. The next part of the lila was Gauranga’s confidential instructions to Raghav Pandit, at whose home Nitai performed His phenomenal Kirtan miracles.

Gauranga Mahaprabhu said, “Raghava, I want to reveal to you confidentially that Nityananda Prabhu is nondifferent from Myself. You must understand that whatever Nityananda wants of Me I do it. Without sophistry I say that everything I do is through Nityananda. We are one and the same. That which is rarely attained by great mystics steeped in meditation is easily obtained from Lord Nityananda. Therefore, engage yourself with sincerety and deference in Nityananda’s service, knowing Him to be the Supreme Lord.”

Haha! The Lord is so miraculous! It felt like Gauranga Mahaprabhu was giving a vehement confirmation to my previous humble realization. As I read on, I soon remembered that this entire chapter is dedicated to Lord Nityananda’s glories specifically! Nitai always finds a way to get to us. Joy Joy Nitai! Joy Gauranga Sundar!

Nitaisevak ganer seva abhilashi,
Nitaisevika dasi

(Siddesh Kannan) #2

Jaya Jaya! Everyday dose of Nitai posts :raised_hands:
Jaya Nitaisevika dasi mataji :raised_hands:

(Nitaisevika dasi) #3

we are lucky to have you dear Nitaisevika dasi. you are such a sweet messenger

(Nitaisevika dasi) #4

Oh dear Nitai :see_no_evil: I am just a nuisance, but Nitai’s sanga of devotees is filled with so much sweetness…it affects even a bitter soul like myself. I would be miserable without this sanga…I already am when I can’t come here and associate enough