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Gauranga's Greed for Nitai's Love

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

Gaur Krishna being the Supreme Personality of Godhead is never attracted or tempted by anything apart from pure love. The only thing He desires for from the living entities and becomes lured by is prema. Gaur Krishna’s greed to relish this ‘prema’ of His devotees has no boundaries. We have seen in innumerable pastimes that the Lord is willing to do anything in order to relish the love of His devotees.

Even one pure devotee’s devotional bhava is limitless and inexhaustible. Then what must be the love of the one who is the source of every individual soul’s limitless love for Gaur Krishna? Sri Vaishnava dhama! All the multitude of bhavas which are present within the hearts of all the devotees of the Supreme Lord are resting within Nityananda Prabhu. Nitai’s bhava is the conglomeration of all the devotional moods of the Lord’s pure devotees. This is why Gauranga is the most greedy to relish Nitai’s love and thus does so by accepting Nitaichand’s service in every single rasa.

One will understand the meaning of transcendental greed when one will factually see how desperate Gaurachand is to loot all of Nitai’s love. It is not only our Nitai who takes different forms to serve His master, it is Gaurhari who compels Him to do so…so that He can frolick in the ocean of Nitai’s love and fully relish every single aspect of it in all its entirety. The only way we can get hold of this love which Gauranga Himself is so madly eager to relish is by wholeheartedly surrendering ourselves at the lotus feet of Nitaichandra. Attaining love from Nitai is identical to achieving the highest love for Gauranga Krishna.

Jay jay Nitaaiiii! :blush: