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Following the sequence in Vayulekhan

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

Radha Madhava Dasi : Is it compulsory to write the lines of the letters in the same order as shown on the pic, what if I would write in another way, or do some spelling mistake? or write in English letters?

Answer: It should take only a few times of doing it to remember the sequence of the 10 strokes of निताइ Vayulekhan. It unfolds sambandha, abhideya, and prayojan; shraddha to prema; etc. in the proper sequence, so it will be the best to do as per the sequence.

The Sanskrit form of Nitainam: “निताइ” is non-different from Lord Nitai and is manifested in Goloka. Nitai mantra’s English form “Nitai” is totally alien to the spiritual world. The English word “Nitai” helps us to chant the sound of the holy name, but not approach the original and eternal Sanskrit-syllable form of the holy name.

Radha Madhava Dasi : and Odia or Bengali alphabets? Is only Devanagari allowed?

Answer: Sanskrit devanagari is the preferred and authentic.

Radha Madhava Dasi: I am not very fluent with Devanagari writing, more with reading, but if I really want to, I will be able to remember the 10 strokes properly. Can you post the pic here again, please, I will download it.

Answer: Thank you. You just have to learn it for just one holy name निताइ so that should be easy. Here it is.