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First Nitai Vayulekhan Hatta at home 😊

(Shilpa) #1

Jai Nitai…Jai Shrila Nitaipreshth ji maharj ji ki jai ho…and Jai ho all the Nitai Sevaks ki…

Today I had a session at my home describing who is the Banka Ray, why he is named so and his love for his elder brother…and also why Nitai Vaayulekhan is being preached?..
all by reading posts of Shrila Nitaipreshth ji maharaj ji and of other Nitai Sevaks…thank U all😊

everybody at my home again got the touch of Doyal Nitai😊…I usually keep taking it after reading posts from our group so that my family, and others gets the regular touch of Doyal Nitai…who don’t get chance of reading it😊
and the main important thing they all agreed to whatever was being told to them
Jai Nitai…
please keep posting the Nitaimay lekhaan…thank you all for ur posts🙏🏻
Jai Nitai