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Feel the Moods of Nitai in Kirtan

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

:hibiscus:Nitai is our everything. He is always looking after us, always. He really is the Father of the universe. He is the most caring caretaker. He is the perfect Friend. He is the most adorable Son. The best part is, He is anything you want Him to be and everything you need Him to be. And He is that because He is Love.

:hibiscus:When you are completely absorbed in Nitai Kirtan, many times it feels like you can anticipate Nitaichand’s moods…like He is really there reciprocating with us. You can sense Him beaming, giggling childishly or even laughing in amusement (atta atta haas)…pleased to see us calling out to Him. You can really feel Him watching over and listening. His loving presence is overwhelming. Above all, you can feel within your heart that Nitai’s heart is melting for you and that makes our hard heart melt for Him! Haha! Oh Lord, Kirtan is such a beautiful thing.