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Escape a system of slavery – become a devotee

(Amy Harilal) #1

Escape a system of slavery – become a devotee

I was watching some videos online recently about how our social system is really a system of slavery for the people. It’s ironic; people are finding this out as a fact now when devotees were always told via the Acharyas that this world is a place of the cheaters and the cheated, a prison and an eternal punishment.

We were always told that the society around us is based on a fair model of justice and working hard to achieve our goals. It’s not so easy to see that

  • The state can take everything and anything away from you without any real reason
  • You are being unfairly taxed for all the hard work you do
  • The tax money is not being used for your benefit as you are led to believe

And we can guess can’t we, that there are also many, many unknowns that contribute as to what the true reality of our lives is, and that the above list is by no means complete.

However, intelligent people should be able to come to the point quickly without having to fill in the gaps with empirical observations and investigations; we ARE slaves. Slaves of a society that quietly but absolutely persecutes us. And not so quietly if ever we make an attempt to break free in any way.

Now, if we go back to what the Acharyas say, one and all must give them their due praise for the pure genius and visionaries that they were (and eternally are). They alone knew what society is finding out only in recent years. Truly, our Guruvarga is connected to God and the absolute truth.

We have established we are slaves and in a really big problem. What’s the solution? Many people say that making a revolution is the solution. There are two types of revolution; one in which social change is enacted by the actions of politicians and those in power (a revolution from above) and then the one in which social change is enacted by those who are not supposed to be in charge of society, the common man and woman (a revolution from below). This is the stuff that civil wars are made of. Either type of revolution, but especially the revolution from below would result in war, bloodshed and uncertainty for the future.

Because of course the question becomes; how can an imperfect people create a perfect society? And then one starts to think that we shouldn’t try to cause such a ruckus in the first place because maybe things were better at the beginning than after we try to “fix” them with our inexperienced ways and imperfect minds. And most of all with our impure hearts.

The conclusion is that more than likely any kind of revolution that the people try to enact will make things worse and not better in the short term as well as the long term.

You may ask, why this is certainly going to be the case. Well to answer that we must ask another question; who created “the system”, and why?

As devotees (due to the eternal kindness of our Gurus) we already know the answer; the Lord created this world with all its unfair systems of society because we were (and are ever more) sinful and He sees it fit to punish and test us through this unfair system. Unless and until we can rise above it this world will try its best to continually drag us down. Because that’s what it’s designed by the Designer to do. And to know the Designer is to know everything. The way to know Him is via the path of bhakti yoga. We must create a revolution from within to win this game and pass the test.

A revolution from within is enacted by following the dictates of religion, the limbs of bhakti and working hard for the grace of God.

Everyday we are faced with choices; the choice to be kind or to be cruel, to work hard or to shirk our duty, etc, etc.

If we can succeed in creating that perfect revolution from within and become perfected persons within ourselves then others will see our light and follow. If we can find peace within ourselves then we can live peacefully and happily anywhere.

(Yajnesvara das) #2

Yes Amy, by Lord Nitai’s mercy, we can become goswami instead of godas. As you rightly say, in our present deplorable condition we are slaves - slave of our senses - this is the worst kind of slavery. This kind of slavery prevents us from taking up the path chalked out by all the acharyas - Bhakti yoga, for our ultimate benefit - because we are too busy attempting to satisfy all the unlimited desires in our materially conditioned minds. As you are probably aware goswami means master/controller of the senses, and godas means servant/slave of the senses. By the mercy of our Gurudev and Lord Nityananada we can all be goswami - controller of our senses. The revolution starts with each one of us when we become aware that we are being uncontrollably dragged around by our five senses, and that we are never actually becoming satisfied or happy within. Until that day, and we actually seek a solution to the problem, our slavery will continue