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Engage in Sadhana and Not Criticism

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

:blossom:Focusing on Sadhana and Not to engage in Criticism

:bouquet:(Reply on post) Has Krishna put us in charge to protect Draupadi or defend Him from Shishupala? There are so many wrong things happening in this world and even in the world of devotees. Can we correct all of them? Have we been given responsibility to do that by some authority? Why to dirty our minds by even thinking of others faults? What about Raghunath Bhatta Goswami in Vraja who instantly closed his ears and refused to hear any fault of even a normal person saying that they are all better than me. Should we not imbibe that mood of our Goswamis as they are nityasiddhas? Can we change the past or how others are by taking about them negatively? We should understand that everything happens by Nitai’s will, and focus on our own bhajan and positive realizations.

:bouquet:I humbly feel that dwelling on negativity just gives us an illusory feeling that we are stronger, that we know better, and that we can point out others mistakes. But it is Maya’s trick to slowly make our hearts hard and proud so that ultimately we can easily judge Guru and Nitai Himself and thus leave our Bhakti, simply by making us accustomed to it.

:bouquet:Yes exactly. Well said. We
are like sieves with many holes. We should focus on plugging them in this short lifetime of ours by our sadhana, rather than pointing out or even seeing how many holes others have. Nitai is in everyone’s heart so He knows best how to correct, purify and show them the right path eventually.

:bouquet:Absolutely. Nindak sanga tyaga ei vaishnava achar

:bouquet: I have seen revenge and hate are so prominent. Some think revenge or blasphemy is justice and they feel good to give tit for tat. They don’t know that it sinks and entangles us even more in the web of karma by getting back at others.

:blossom:We should not change the mantras in the scriptures. Even Nitai may not like it. We can compose other similar verses or prayers but again they have to be correct Sanskrit or Bengali.

:blossom:Question: I heard shastras were written in Tamil language?

Ans: If that were the case then Veda Vyasa would have written the Vedas, Upanishads, and Puranas in Tamil. Sanskrit is the mother of all languages and the origin of Tamil as well.

Sanskrit is the eternal language of Vraja and Bengali of Navadvipa/Ekachakra, both are Goloka, so writing Nitainam is fine in both.

:blossom:The souls who want to know about Jahnava Lila are rare in this world. I will try to include almost all Her pastimes in the Nitai Lila which I am composing. I started the book with Her pastimes as when we think of Her, we instantly think of Nitai. And thinking of Nitai means thinking of Her too.

:blossom:nityananda-krpa ya̐ra prati kabhu haya
se dekhe ananda dhama sarvatra chinmaya [18]

[But] kabhu–once nityananda–Nityananda krpa haya–blesses ya̐ra prati–someone, se–they dekhe–see ananda–the joyful, chinmaya–spiritual dhama–abode sarvatra–everywhere. [18]

But once Nityananda blesses someone, they see the joyful, spiritual Dham everywhere.

Sri Navadwipadham Mahatmya Chapter 2, verse 18)