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End birth and death in this life

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

:apple: The topmost standard of Radha Krishna’s pastimes makes it mandatory for Them to consider our offenses to screen us thoroughly before letting us approach Them. And we always end up failing miserably in such tests due to our ten offenses to Harinam. So what can we do now? Is waiting for millions of lives (bahu janme) the only way to become qualified to chant pure Harinam?

:apple: There is one way out, if you want to make this your last life in this material world without doubt. It is the writing, touching, and visualizing of Nitai’s merciful, liberal, and magnanimous name in the air. It pulls out our very offensive mentality to Harinam due to the direct touch of Doyal Nitai, and makes us very humble, so that we can chant Harinam with pure love within a very short time, thus terminating our soul’s cycle of birth and death at the end of this life itself.