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Ecstatic feeling after Kirtan

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

:tulip: Ah Nitaichand, I have finally sensed a drop of what our simha guru Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur Prabhupada means that simply by hearing Nitai’s name, purity will awaken in everyone’s heart. No separate endeavor is required to cleanse the contamination. The effect is so instant! No wonder Srila Gurudev keeps insisting everyone to sing Nitai’s name in Kirtan. Oh Nitaaaaaiiiii… how potent is Thy holy name! I am floored at this moment. My power of speech seems to be escaping me.

Even in our most impure state of consciousness, when it feels like we cannot even search out our will to execute devotional service, Nitai’s holy name enters the ears and strikes like a thunderbolt in our heart. The effect of that thunder strike is tumultuous! It feels like a massive wave has come gushing with great force and swept you off the shore. You drown in the waves of that sound vibration. A big cumbersome load of junk just seems to lift off your heart…it just leaves…Nitainam throws it out. You feel lighter and blissful. And it is not an imaginary feeling or a form of hallucination, it is more deeper than anything we can experience in the material world. You can feel Nitai renewing your life in devotional service, recharging that vigor, uplifting our spirits! All I can think right now is that this Kirtan felt like Bhakti sanjeevani. Moreover an overwhelming energy enters into you that reminds you of all the previous times when you were uncontrollably attracted to Nitai Gaur and Radha Krishna, those special moments that kept you going in devotional service. And then Nitai releases more of that same dose and forcibly draws you in.

All this happens in such rapid succession and we ourselves are so absorbed at that moment, it is impossible to determine time. It is like we enter into a mode of self-forgetfulness. All external consciousness leaves us, you cannot help it. You cannot hold back at that time. It is at that moment that you realize what our Acharyas mean that the holy names are beyond the jurisdiction of time. Nitai’s name allows you to enter into that divine state of consciousness, take a glimpse of that realm, where even time is eternal.

Afterwards when I heard Srila Prabhupada singing the Hare Krishna Mahamantra, the feeling was indescribable. Every syllable seems to reverberate within. Nitainam Kirtan helps you to churn the nectar from Harinam. Feeling so helpless that I have to stop such blissful flows coming from Nitaichand to engage in other futile activities. :cry::sob::sob:

This life is really a waste without Kirtan. We can never determine its potency until we do it. It holds so much strength. Kirtan is the life of our sadhana and bhakti.

:tulip: Kirtan makes you forget everything else! All you can remember are the holy names!

:tulip: One who regularly performs Kirtan will find it very difficult not to be Nitai Gaur Krishna conscious.

(Viswambhar das) #2

Kirtan instantly elevates us from tamogun to sattvagun… :sob::sob: so what to speak of Nitai Nam Kirtan who sings and roars Gaura Gaura always and roam in Nadiya and Ekachakra