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(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

:rose:Jahnava Mata is always so eager to help us in our attempts to serve Doyal Nitai! If we seek Her mercy before rendering any form of service to Nitai, it is sure to be extraordinary and successful.

:rose:The pleasure and satisfaction derived from selflessly surrendering to Sri Guru and Nitai’s desire is millions of times greater than the combined happiness of pursuing all our own selfish interests.

:rose:We should remember that a day of missing chanting and Nitai Vayulekhan is like foregoing a golden chance of having personal audience with our beloved Master Nitai!

:rose:Nitai’s love for us is nothing like the love of this world. It has no comparison to any other form of love we have ever experienced before. It is real, and it is eternal. When we realize that we have our Prabhu who is ever ready to relentlessly shower His unlimited affection on us, we will have no more reasons to ever be fearful again.